Werewolves Rule Vampires Drool

Werewolves are almost always depicted in an unflattering light. They are the mean, evil, human-eating “beasts” of film. Over and over again the werewolf is the “meanie”, the “bad-guy”, or the one that is “out of control”. The filmmakers leave out everything that does not fit into their script – in most cases portraying the werewolf as nothing more than a beast with little intelligence. How many of them even touch upon the hidden greatness that is inherent in every werewolf? They slide right by it, giving those touches of glory to the inhuman, unhuman, undead, vampire.

For those who see the werewolf for the special creature they are, this can be annoying at best. But, for others, it can be empowering, allowing werewolves to carve their own self-image, without having to live up to an unachievable vision that could already have been painted in a person’s (or even their own) mind. So perhaps those filmmakers aren’t doing werewolves so wrong after all. And perhaps it’s just as well that werewolves are the “underdog” so to speak.

And are vampires really benefiting from the glittery, starry-eyed version of the image that every human thinks they are? If you met a vampire you might be stunned to find out he was much less of everything than you thought. Of course he could never live up to the false image that movies have painted. Not all powerful. Not all knowing. Not even human. 😉



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6 Responses

  1. loopeen says:

    Movies cannot be referred to as real life.
    Just let them do it, let them make us “underdog”.
    So they don’t even think to bug us, so they’ll leave us in peace.

    In fact, I’m LMAO for the depictions of the werewolves (and wolves. as well) on some (or maybe loads of) movies or stories.
    (Quietly off course 😀 )

  2. Tia says:

    @loopeen: Yer but when someone saids they are wolves or vampires people wont belive but they will still try and get the truth out of the people who said it. That is what I’m doing,I don’t belive but I’m trying to find out why these boys and girl in my school said they are vampire, witch and wolves. So far I seen them get really mad, the boy who saids that he is a wolf I seen he’s eyes trun red and he’s eyes go behind he’s head. One of the boys growled when we was in drama and he was behind me. They all went to my group to wait for me becuase of my friend send a message to there friend because she nearly kick me in the head. And I got told to sh** up by the boy who I seen he’s eyes trun red.
    🙂 And I’m not going by the movies because all the stuff these boys and girl told me is not from the movies or books because they hate watching movies and reading books only if there girlfriends or boyfriends ask them to watch it. How I know that is because I was talking to them on fb chat then after that I kind of got on there bad side. Everytime they see me now they are even mad at me or gives me evil smail or looks at my eyes. :/ And before I see them I’m thinking about my school work or my exs or friends then there faces goes in to my head then I look around and one of them is there. I have said sorry about not beliving them and one of the boys said yer it’s alright but they are still mad at me. Look on chat if you want to see what I write.

  3. Tia says:

    (They don’t watch and read vampire,witch and werewolf movies and books.)

  4. Darkwolf says:

    I hate when they do that in movies. I’m like the funniest guy ever out of my ftiends. Grant it, I haven’t told them sbout the other half of me…

  5. They probably are using the new contacts that glow red when you focus real hard. I remember that a poser on the street heard me talking about werewolves so he used the lenses. I noticed them in a store for Halloween costumes. So I shot him a growl when everyone else was not paying attention… he walked away real quick. I laughed out loud.

  6. Varen says:

    My friends get so shocked because when I start getting aggro I’ll stop holding back and I’ll use more strength. I’ll feel the beast inside and every so often I’ll get a little animalistic in my reactions. It’s also funny because well be sitting and watching movies and I’ll just keep noticing all the things that are flat lies and just bull.

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