Werewolves the Dark Survivors

Animal Planet aired a TV special called Werewolves The Dark Survivors last year.  The show is a two hour special about werewolves from the point of view of a werewolf. The show does not have real werewolves in it, but rather is considered a “mockumentary” – it’s shown as if it was a documentary, making it seem real, though it’s not.  The story is interesting in that it gives a realistic explanation with a bit of science mixed into the show’s fiction to get the show’s explanation of how werewolves came to be and survive.

The show revolves around a detective investigating some unusual deaths he believes may be from a large predator, and a zoologist whose help he enlists in the investigation.  Their investigations lead to the eventual discovery of a seemingly normal family living in the middle of a normal neighborhood- who, as it turns out are werewolves.

I never watched the Werewolves The Dark Survivors, but it sounds like it could be good….



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5 Responses

  1. Bender says:

    I saw this when it originally aired. It wasn’t bad. It treated the werewolf family as having a “condition”, and they’d turn into “wolfman-type” werewolves.

  2. Greenygrey says:

    Thanks for the link, and will try to watch it soon.

    It sounds as if it is quite stereotypical though, and I think they need to feature environmentally friendly vegetarian werewolves like me to be balanced.

    Happy New Year, GG.

  3. alpha says:

    The show is a bunch of crap it looked like a bunch of crack head apes running lose if you ran in to one of us in the wood you would die painfully

  4. nasawolf37 says:

    gotta agree with you alpha but still it might be a laugh to watch

  5. End says:

    yo you aren’t actually a werewolf bro

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