Werewolves, Vampires, and Sunlight

Dear readers –

The following question was recently posed to me: Do werewolves like the sunlight?

Now, this question confused me, because as anyone that knows anything about werewolves knows – sunlight does not really matter to the werewolf. Sunlight matters to VAMPIRES.   Werewolves operate just fine in daylight – in fact, in daylight, werewolves are usually in their human form, and react to sunlight like you or I would. They can however sometimes be in werewolf form in daylight – though in such cases they tend to stay clear of people.  Werewolves do not fear the sunlight, nor do they hide from sunlight like vampires would.  This I think is something that  makes the werewolf a stronger creature than the vampire.  Werewolves can be around 24 hours a day. Vampires on the other hand must hide out for 8 – 12 hours a day when the sun is up, hiding deep in dark caves, dark houses, or enclosed areas.  Werewolves therefore would obviously have the upper hand in any kind of werewolf-vampire confrontation.  But that is just a side note. Back to the answer to the question – no, sunlight does not matter to werewolves at all.



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15 Responses

  1. Shadowsmoke says:

    No, for me it matters, but then again I’m probably just photo sensitive.

  2. AngelEyes716 says:

    From what i have seem werewolves actually like the sunlight…i have read about werewolves that enjoy running, playing with other werewolves, as well as napping in the warm sun. I also learned than even on top of all this they like to sunbathe…alll these activities actually have been known to help the werewolf regain strength after changing forms. I hope this was helpful.

  3. hi i’m savannahrauls, i want to be a werewolf & rewirte hestroy of werewolves & howiling at the moon. change everynight! & be smarter, & faster. & be a ninja werewolf. so i can get things all i could everwant! bye savannahrauls!!!!!!!

  4. red eye says:

    So you just want to be werewolf for the fun and the power? When you wrote that you seem very greedy. I don’t mean to affend anyone but that’s how you came off.

  5. knowledge seeker says:

    ur right red eye being a werewolf is all fun and games.

  6. longwolf says:

    knowledge seeker i got this website that tells you if you are a Werewolf this is it:

  7. knowledge seeker says:

    i am a true werewolf thank u longwolf

  8. longwolf says:

    your welcome

  9. warewolf :) says:

    your a real warewolf knowledge i am to 🙂

  10. theunknownsecret says:

    i kno im a werewolf i was born one “/ and bein a werewolf is no funny buisness i almost killed my sister and now i live with my mate who is also a werewolf so its al kol if u have any questions just email me @ *edited

  11. that gye says:

    I was actualy turned by someone in their werewolf form in broad daylight about 11 years ago. It wasn’t really volintairy, but I have totaly embraced it.

  12. @knowledge seeker: whoa when did you become a werewolf.

  13. CherulaBean XD says:


  14. noah says:

    just kidding

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