werewolves vs vampires – old rumors fuel current mindset

werewolf attacking vampireThe war between vampires and werewolves is a legend so well-known, that even if one knows little about either vampires or werewolves, one without a doubt knows of their supposed ancestral hate for one another. The feud is brought up generation after generation, in legend after legend, movie after movie, and book after book.

Does the legend however have any truth to it?  Are vampires and werewolves really at war with one another?  The truth is that actual facts surrounding any supposed long-standing war are sketchy at best.

But, suspending the fact that we know a present-day feud likely does not exist at all…the question is what would have led to the legend to begin with?  Was it one (or a few) disgruntled werewolves or vampires that started the rumor to destroy relations between the two species for their own purposes?  Or was it started by humans out of a belief that two competitors should not, would not, and cannot live together? We do after all know that these types of misbeliefs can quickly take hold and become an incorrect truth.  Take for example the supposed inability of cats and dogs to get along…is this universally true? No! Yet this is a wide-held belief among many. Is the werewolf vampire feud of a similar nature?






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4 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    really, people still think the two species are at war?

  2. Um really this is old news it subsided years ago it’s probs the newer and evil generation that’s starting something that shouldn’t be

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