What a werewolf smells like

I mentioned that werewolves do not have any natural predators, and that when animals catch the scent of a werewolf they will stay clear. So someone recently asked me, “well, what do werewolves smell like? As a human, how do I know if I am near a werewolf?”

Well, these are actually two very different questions. There are a few different methods to identify a werewolf, and for humans, this does not really include what a werewolf smells like. Animals will be able to identify a werewolf because they have very strong senses of smell. Humans however do not have a very strong sense of smell. Some humans – those with extremely good senses of smell – might be able to catch a faint hint of the werewolf, but for the most part they cannot. If a human could smell a werewolf, the smell would be appealing, although very hard to describe. The closest way to describe it would be like the very faint smell of wet tree bark.



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  1. Jeff says:

    I stolez ur #1. kthx

  2. Jeff says:

    Nah, I didn’t. Here’s your #1 back *gives suki a fake #1* lol

  3. Suki Foxx says:

    hey i want the real one!!!!

  4. alpha female lone wolf says:

    any1 here

  5. Sabre says:

    Ya, what’s up lone?

  6. alpha female lone wolf says:

    not much u

  7. Sabre says:

    I’m alright, do anything today? I just went to the gym and relaxed the whole day.

  8. Meggie says:

    Suki. hi.

  9. Meggie says:

    long time no see

  10. Meggie says:

    ny1 on???

  11. Zakiya says:

    any one not already in a convo

  12. Wolf. says:

    Juniper here!!! makes the guys go crazy!!! 😛

  13. Värlôc says:

    Oh, the monstrosity that has shielded us lycans from human eyes!

    That wet tree bark thing isn’t really true. Sometimes, we have a scent that is appealing to prey, such as how a pitcher plant may attract flies.

    The only difference is that flies are dumb, and don’t know any better.

    These animals have instinct! It’s what comes between my having a good and tasty meal from the wild, or a quick Happy Meal from the McDonald’s down the street. I have to hunt slowly. If I see a deer, I become excited and quickly take it out. If I see a rabbit, I’ll k* it and eat it for a mid afternoon snack or something.

    Being able to cover over your own scent is fascinating in a way, but it takes a lot of time. After I eat, I may mask my own scent by rubbing against something that doesn’t seem out of order. This is used to cover my own tracks, and to keep the werewolf hunters at bay.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, but if I get hungry, I will eat something.

    I have to smell a certain way to hunt efficiently. I can’t go into the woods smelling like Usher’s new cologne. I have to go smelling like the environment around.

    To all you other lycanthropes, (and this can apply to vampires, too) be sure to hunt correctly. Smell is one of our only ways of camouflage, either when hunting or keeping from being hunted. Don’t abuse it, and don’t take it for granted.

  14. Lizard says:


  15. pklett92 says:

    dont be calling us crazy when you were the one typing werewolves in on google. pretty much all of us a pretty legit in what we believe. Not to mention most of us have been on this site for quite a long time.

  16. aramantha says:

    help?! I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE but I’m a werewolf (still can’t get used to that word!) and when I’m wet i smell like a wet dog?! is that normal?

  17. preston says:

    i can help i am knew but i can help you just settel down okay it freaked me out too just try to be calm you might set your shift

  18. preston says:

    gosh dang it i hate this computer

  19. preston says:

    i mean to say its normal

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