What car is in the movie War? With Li and Statham?!

What car was used in the movie War?
War, with Jet Li and Jason Statham just came out in theaters, the car that is used in the movie War seems to be the Spyker C8 from Spyker Cars.

Never heard of the car but there a lot of are exotic cars out there that I have never heard of. War is another movie that publicized a sports car for your viewing pleasure. This car from the movie is super nice! I can imagine that Jet Li and Jason Statham own one of those luxury cars now; Li and Statham must have had a blast driving this spyder and cried when they took it away. Not really, but I bet when they think of making part 2 of the movie War they will think of the car they used from the first movie as an incentive to do the sequel.

Is this the car from the movie War?



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