What do werewolves do that are not evil?

Werewolf 967,

OK, I understand what you are saying. You are right, in certain circumstances it can be possible to love evil. BUT, I think in almost every case I can think of – for example, a brother that now is a thief – you love the person FIRST, and THEN he or she becomes evil. So you can’t stop loving them now that they’re evil. I understand that. HOWEVER, if you had a family member that was BORN evil, you would never start to love them at all to begin with!!

So my feeling is that at some point you did not think that werewolves were evil. At some point you believed as I do, that there can be good werewolves. But then something convinced you that they were evil. That is why you love them, because you started loving them before you thought they were evil.

So werewolf 967, can you think of anything that a werewolf does that you don’t think is evil?



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10 Responses

  1. Buddy,

    All werewolves have been and are always evil. People who later become werewolves (for our problems sake) were not evil, they were not born evil. It is the werewolf that is evil.

  2. Buddy says:

    Well, I can’t get back into the whole debate on whether werewolves are evil or not, because I just don’t think we agree!

  3. Bentor says:

    I disagree. Werewolves in themselves are not evil. Evil is in the eye of the beholder, and is a creation of man. I would tend to think that a werewolf, like a wolf is truly honest in it’s intentions; whereas a human often isn’t.

  4. nezumi says:

    the problem with this dibate is that we are sayng something i evil simply because of what itis. they ar human. (some of the time) they are not simply werewolves. they as part humans have emotions. we can’t judge them simple as a group that is stereotyping.

  5. lycanhope says:

    What the hell werewolf967?!? we are not evil, its just bad advertising. and to answer the question of the actual topic, not much more than everyone else. When we are human, we deal with normal human problems. When we are wolves, i don’t think there are any prblems (not including angry farmers with itchy trigger fingers!), we just muck around and enjoy the feeling.

  6. knowledge seeker says:

    werewolves are not evil far from it. they as wolves are a part of nature and nature is not evil. also in human form they r as good as their individual human morals and mind set. if they are weak minded or psychotic as a human then they may be evil as a wolf butif they are good and have a strong will they will b good as a wolf.

  7. Lunar says:


  8. wolfgirl says:

    alright you need to STFU!!! I was born a werewolf and i’m not evil i have protected you humans on numerous occasions in-fact if not for me my uncle would have exterminated all of you long ago!

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