What does a vampire bite feel like?

How afraid should you be of a vampire’s bite and does it hurt?vampire bite
While you should indeed be afraid of being bitten by a vampire, it is not because the vampire bite hurts – actually, a vampire’s bite (unlike a werewolf’s bite which can be extremely painful) really does not hurt much at all. Vampire teeth are designed with very sharp points so that when they bite into their prey, it is almost a painless process. In addition, the whole design of a vampire’s attack is such that it is intended to minimize mess, pain, and struggle from the victim. Vampires exude an attitude which almost immobilizes their victims during the attack. This is to make the attack and bite as efficient as possible – the ultimate result of which is almost a painless clean wound for the victim. If you are being bitten by a vampire, keep this in mind. If you are not already immobilized by fear and the vampire’s influence, do not struggle, as this will allow the wound to remain clean and small, as a vampire bite is designed to be.

While being bitten, the victim will feel little more than a pinprick. Because of how light and unpainful the process is – and how it can almost looks like a kiss from afar – some people have actually referred to the vampire bite as a vampire kiss. It is not until after the bite is over that the pain sets in. The wound, which is only small because of the size and design of the vampire’s teeth, will become red and swollen one to two days after the bite if it is not kept clean. This is when pain and infection set in – sometimes even so extreme that a victim will find it hard to turn his / her head. The most important advice therefore for any vampire bite victim is to keep the vampire wound clean immediately after the bite, otherwise the wound – like any other wound – can become red, swollen, and infected resulting in it being extremely sensitive to the touch, and quite painful.



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73 Responses

  1. victoria says:

    You humans do not want to get bitten by anthing, I am a full werewolf , I was born a werewolf not bitten and If we bite someone we won’t let that human live we will bite them until they are dead sometimes we will let them live, but most of the time we will kill you and we won’t give mercy to you because most of the werewolves when we change on a full moon our wolf is in control and we will kill anything that gets in our way. very few werewolves are able to control it especially bitten werewolves , born werewolves can control it as we get older, but my kind, born werewolves, are very rare.

  2. Lupe says:

    @Victoria: I hope you are online when I return because I have to tell you something.

  3. Hybird says:

    Victoria idk y but I have to ask y u won’t let someone live beside the wolf if in contol

  4. Hybird says:

    @victoria u hate human if I’m correct right

  5. Bob says:

    You are all ducking mental

  6. Evaluna says:

    @Bob which includes you as well since you are on this website

  7. hybird says:

    i kind of am diff from this site bob and everyone on it no offense…

  8. Evaluna says:

    @Hybrid r u sure ur any different from us??? lol

  9. Eli says:

    Can any of you prove your what you say you are for example Victoria ?

    • Lupe says:

      Proof: Human, born human, die human. Does that seem simple?

      Really, all I have to say is I’m human and people just believe me! It’s like the #1 go to for proof of yourself. That’s the issue though, sometimes you may not be able to prove something’s existence as of now. (Take Chemistry for that matter, which was seen as witchcraft and sorcery)

      If someone truly is a something besides a human, it might not be provable yet but that doesn’t mean they are not real. Yet the issue here isn’t belief either it’s truth. Someone can say they are something and not be it. But the real question is, does that matter?

      As long as you are true to yourself and actually BE YOURSELF AND HONEST ABOUT IT, then there really shouldn’t be any worries about what others think. But meh.

      Just little old me, sitting here typing away to someone I don’t know. What’s even the point?.. what’s even the point of asking if others can prove themselves? To lie, to otherwise hate? What is the point of role playing, of arguing, of even being on a freaking website?

  10. I just want to know…How to Identify if I am a Vampire?? @Victoria….??please tell me….because I feel like I have some that kind of instincts…just explain to me….what should happen to me….if I am a real vampire,born vampire??

    • Hetty says:

      Your not a vampire. Please think rationally? 1. It’s not something to be proud of
      2. Why would you want that kind of life?

      Honestly you guys watch too much fantasy TV and don’t understand reality of cryptozology

  11. I just want to know…How to Identify if I am a Vampire?? @Victoria….??please tell me….because I feel like I have some that kind of instincts…just explain to me….what should happen to me….if I am a real vampire,born vampire??

  12. Is anyone a real vampire here?? actually I couldn’t identify any…couldn’t meet any vampire so that out of love I would give myself to him and ask him to bite me and make me immortal….and our love also immortal…..but how is it possible,where will I find any vampire….How to identify??and How to identify/know if I am a vampire???? please tell me Victoria…….:'( I badly miss a lover who will be a vampire nd love me more than himself…….

  13. If really someone is a real Vampire here….just answer here,and I want to be bitten by them seriously,don’t want anything from life so they don’t even need to control themselves too…so just reply

  14. Yiruma_Rivers says:

    I think I’m (Part-Incubus).

  15. Emily White says:

    I have felt what a vampire bite feels like and it hurts but i actucully like the taste of blood so if you want me to bite you let me know and i will you just have to ask me. Just say the word and i’ll do it

  16. Alani says:

    So I sometimes feel like a Hybrid of a vampire and WereWolf but how can I Tell
    Btw I’d Gladly bite any of you?!!!

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