What does a Vampire wear?

Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire

1750 – 1900
Ancient vampires prior to 1900 often wore period clothing worn by others in society. They were depicted in the same clothing that upper-class or noblemen wore. A frilly, lacey shirt, topped with a decorative jacket, and knee length breeches worn over stockings were common. Outfits were vibrantly colored and rich in detail. Long hair was also in common during this time period.



1890 – 1930:

Nearing the turn of the century, the depiction of vampires started to change, thanks in part to the influence of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula (released in 1897), and the subsequent movie of the same name. During this time period, vampires became known as dressing very elegantly, and wearing black pants and a black jacket, white shirt, tie, and long black capes. Yes, black cape. Dracula brought the long black cape in fashion for the vampire, and to this day, a long black cape is synonymous with vampires – or more specifically, Dracula.

1930 – 1980
There was no single specific identifying piece of clothing that stood out during this time period, however a color certainly did – black. Black became the standard, accepted color of choice for vampires everywhere. Then the 80s came, further defining vampire clothing and style.

the lost boys

the lost boys

1980 – 2005
During the 80s, movies such as The Lost Boys portrayed vampires as very cool, and their choice of attire was equally cool, and included black leather jackets and long black trench coats – a new twist for vampire style. The black leather theme continued through the 80s, and on into the 90s with movies such as Blade keeping the black leather trend current.



2005 – present
In the latter part of the 2000s, vampire clothing started to veer away from the traditional black getup, and vampires started to be portrayed wearing a variety of mainstream clothes. In fact, the clothing stopped defining the vampire. Vampires blended in seamlessly with current culture making them virtually indistinguishable from the everyday person – the movie Twilight is a perfect example. The Cullen family wore every-day clothing is their wardrobe of choice.

What about werewolves? What do they wear? Do werewolves run around naked?



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