What does a werewolf bite feel like?

werewolf biteHumans harbor a fascination with being bitten. They watch movies and TV shows and see the rapture on the face of a fellow human as a vampire sinks his or her teeth into a victim’s neck. Many of these humans believe that a werewolf bite could be similar. That it might be enjoyable in some way. That it would be pleasurable. These humans however are wrong.

Vampire bites might be relatively painless…and perhaps enjoyable…but a werewolf bite is something else altogether.

A werewolf bite is painful. It is unpleasant.

A werewolf bite can be messy. It can be gory.

A werewolf bite is not something a human should ever long for, want, or otherwise crave. (It should be pointed out however, that many humans do in fact crave to be bitten by werewolves not because of how it feels, but because of what it might do….transform themselves into werewolves!)

Part of the reason that there is a difference between a vampire bite and a werewolf bite is because the werewolf has very powerful jaws….. and, werewolves, unlike vampires, use their jaws in their bites.  They have very powerful jaws, and can exert alot of pressure into a bite, causing their teeth to sink deep through skin and into muscle.

Another part of the difference between werewolf and vampire bites is due to the fact that a werewolf does not simply sink his two fangs into human flesh as a vampire does, but rather a werewolf uses more of his teeth and really gets a solid grip on the victim. A vampire uses his teeth as a means to get the blood out of the victim, and so often does nothing more than pierce the neck skin…werewolves on the other hand have no need for human blood in the ways that vampires do. When a werewolf bites you he is therefore not simply trying to drain your blood as a means of sustenance, but often the werewolf bites you as a means of attack.

It is important to understand that while a vampire bite is designed to calm a victim, a werewolf  has no such need to do so.  For a vampire, it helps to have their victims entranced and calm, so they can take the time to drain their blood… thus their bites are designed to elicit this calming response.  A werewolf on the other hand has no physical need to spend any amount of time with the human…they do not need to lull a human into an entranced state for any purpose…thus their bites have not evolved to be enjoyable.




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37 Responses

  1. Wolfie says:

    owwwwww…that hurts you know @titan made me bite myself sorta lol it hurt

  2. Lycanhope says:

    People who are stupid enough to bite themselves make me worry for the future of humanity. Just saying.

  3. ineedsomeavice says:

    Okaaaay… note to self.. DO NOT PISS A WEREWOLF OFF!!!!!

  4. Wolfie says:

    ummm…yeahhhh…you may get ripped to pieces and that will $\/©k.

  5. Lycanhope says:

    @Ineedsomeadvice: Pissing anybody off is a bad idea. Generalising just make you look stupid.

    @Wolfie: No. No you won’t.

  6. Norah says:

    Another note to self…..dont piss of werewolf brothers or a vampire! Because i have not totaly done that.But i am there sister……

  7. Aaron says:

    Hi i love werewolfs.

  8. love says:

    hello Aaron and it is werewolves

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