What is really in a Vampire Diary?

If you found a vampire diary, what would you find?  Would a vampire keep track vampire diaryof the different events in his or her life? Would a vampire diary include the secrets on how to become a vampire? How to destroy a vampire? Or where vampires live? Would they be volumes and volumes long? Unfortunately for those who would think they could unlock the secrets of vampires by finding a diary, it seems unlikely that you would unearth any of the answers to these questions in a simple diary…but you still could learn much about a vampire through one.

Vampires have enhanced memory….no need for a diary?

When someone turns into a vampire, along with their enhanced physical abilities, vampiric powers would also enhance memory, meaning that a vampire would have no need to keep track of events in his or her life through a written medium. They would simply be able to recall different events so there would be no reason to write them down. But that does not mean that vampire diaries do not exist. They probably do exist. But what you’d find in one would not reveal secrets such as where lairs were or what started the werewolf/vampire war.

Yes! There are diaries…
It seems perhaps more likely that a vampire diary would contain a vampire’s thoughts and internal struggles with the process of being a vampire…somewhat similar to what a human diary would contain (but minus actual events). It would help explain exactly “who” a vampire is, and would probably give you some kind of clue to how to actually get on the vampire’s “good” side.  A vampire diary is likely to have been begun during their “newly turned” stage. As vampires got older, and had gone through and seen more, I suspect that entries into any type of diary would fall off.

I’m looking for a vampire diary…what am I looking for and where do I find it?
Contrary to what logic might tell you, if you’re looking for a vampire’s diaries, you are not looking for an entire library of books written by one person. A vampire diary would not be volumes and volumes long – even if they had lived hundreds of years…as they develop and live longer, the need for the diary becomes less as they have resolved internal conflicts. So, if you’re looking for a vampire’s diary, you’re likely looking for a small, one volume book. The older generation was much more into record keeping and putting things into written form than the younger generation, therefore it is likely that vampire diaries would have been kept more by “older” vampires than by “younger” vampires. This therefore also give you another clue – you should be looking for a very old looking book. Any written documentation that a vampire keeps is likely to be seen by him or her as one of their more prized possessions…it is a part of themselves…you should therefore look for the item not out in the open, but rather in a private, secured, and secret spot…possibly wherever the vampire sleeps, or keeps other items of value.



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