What makes a werewolf angry?

Werewolf 967,

Werewolves are always depicted as fearsome-looking creatures.  They always look evil and mean. In fact, werewolves almost always look angry.  Do you(or anyone reading this) know what makes a werewolf angry?  I know, I know, werewolf 967, you think werewolves are inherently evil, therefore your argument is probably that they are just angry all the time for no reason.  But I believe there must be something that makes the werewolf angry – and even if you think werewolves are angry all the time, you must think there is something specifically that will make him more angry on one particular day than another. What is it? What makes a werewolf angry?



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26 Responses

  1. Shadowsmoke says:

    Normal things, I mean think about it.
    when in Were mode, the prey getting away could make them angry. Or perhaps they were to bulky to hide somewhere where it wouldn’t be seen.
    When not in Were mode, normal human things would tick them off.
    Though they may react in more of a wolfish fashion.

  2. Buddy, yes, werewolves are naturally “angry,” but to humans angry would be something of a change in mood, not to werewolves, to werewolves their angry is like our happy. They get “excited” on particular events that occur, anything and everything could get them “more excited” (angry), remember they lack control of this mood similar to a dog on rabies.

  3. Swiftpaw Fatfox says:

    I think that it is easy to always make werewolves as fearsome and vicious and bloodthirsty. But I think most werewolves aren’t vicious, it’s easy for humans to view predatory creatures in a negative way.

  4. Swiftpaw Fatfox,
    It is also easy for predatory creatures to view humans in a negative way…

  5. austin buckley says:

    If the fullmoon dos not make the werewolf transform then what dose? A reguler night, A tragick event, the wanting to be a werewolf? Also dose a werewolf need the moon to transform (like on a new moon)or can they transform when ever they want?

  6. Swiftpaw Fatfox says:

    Can you blame them for not liking humans, how would you feel if your friends and family have been killed by people just because of what they are?

  7. areww123 says:

    i dont belive werewolves are evil. they are primal but intelligent

  8. Ibliswolf says:

    I agree with areww123

  9. Sara says:

    Real Werewolves can change form whenever they want to. Also unlike Werewolves in movies, the real ones change into a regular wolf. Though, Werewolves can change into the half creature man thinks them as, but it is very uncomfortable.

  10. preston says:

    its somtimes but not all the time

  11. Jamz says:

    Whenever I get pissed I break alot of stuff sometimes dont remember why broke that I kinda feel wild like animalish I tryed not lose it

  12. tom says:

    how dare you say that werewolves are like dogs with rabies. We have the cunning of a predator, a strength ten-fold that of humans, and the intelligence of one. We are the perfect predators. i do not mind these questions, but DO NOT insult us.

  13. Lee Ann says:

    Tom you are an idiot. Re-read the comment and then attempt to make a pathetic arguement against it.

  14. Kelly says:

    ^ the only reason i come here sometimes is because Lee makes me laugh.

  15. Lee Ann says:

    The only reason I come here is to trash people and occasionally help people :p

  16. Kelly says:

    Yeah, but its hard to help the serious people with all the idiots and tweens.

  17. Astute newt says:

    twilight has indeed polluted the minds of those interested on the subject. on another note, one of my favorite things to do on the site is to read lee Ann’s response comments that so overzealously dissect the others persons argument into little tiny pieces, it makes my day just a little bit funnier.

  18. Werewolfdudman10111 says:

    i change my eye colour at night and when i get scared or frightened my speed is irregular .i have bitten dogs and cats. i have cruhed chess pieces after loosing a game but never transformed so we arent wild

  19. ILiekPizza says:


    An overabundance of stupid and blatent ignorance/disrespect.

  20. brandon says:

    im a regular werewolf my anger is getting worse lately i need help to control it

  21. EvaLuna says:

    @Brandon you’ re just like my mate well it’ s a good thing i can help 😀

  22. EvaLuna says:

    what have you’ v been feeling lately other than anger?

  1. January 10, 2011

    […] the curse and if you do react negatively or drastically you could put the werewolf in a bad mood, make him angry, or even scare him or her off, most humans don’t want to see a werewolf with bad temper. So, […]

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