what should you be for halloween?

For those of you that still have not decided what to be for halloween, you can take some ideas from what some of the most popular halloween costumes were last year. They included:
1. Snow White
2. a Zombie
3. Muammar Gaddafi (yes, the political figure)
4. Catwoman (a traditional favorite)
5. Superhero
6. Kate Middleton in her royal wedding gown
7. Angry Bird
8. Katy Perry
9. Pirate
10. Medical Staff

Don’t like any of these ideas? Check out the most popular halloween costumes of 2010!
Or you can be a mummy, little red riding hood, or a vampire.

Of course, we are fans of the werewolf costume! And if you’re trying to be a werewolf, here are some ideas if you’re trying to put your own werewolf costume together.  🙂

Halloween is only 7 days away!!! 🙂



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