I read a recent comment that said that if you call yourself a werewolf you’re probably not a real werewolf…the commenter said that real werewolves prefer to be called lycans or lycanthropes.

This is simply not true.

Personal Preference Some humans in today’s culture do mock the word “werewolf” because of all it brings to mind – an old-school monster straight out of a horror movie. It still has an old-fashioned feel to it, and movies and novels have not done very much to bring the imagery up-to-date.  As a result, there are some werewolves that prefer to call themselves “lycan” or “lycanthrope”.  These terms are more of an obscure way to say “werewolf” and so are preferred by some werewolves because of that.  If you say werewolf, every human knows what that means… the typical reaction from humans will be disbelief.   But if you were to say “I’m a lycan” or “I’m a lycanthrope”…well, people tend not to prejudge you because many have no idea what you’re talking about.  Some werewolves prefer this ignorance and so call themselves by these more obscure terms.  This however does not mean that if you call yourself a werewolf you are not a real werewolf.  If you call yourself a werewolf it just means that you are comfortable with the term and you don’t mind humans knowing what you are.

Regional Preference I would also like to point out, as Werewolf967 has indicated….what you call yourself also varies by region.  In some parts of the country and world werewolves prefer to be called different things – lycan might be more acceptable in one place, whereas werewolf more acceptable some place else.

So then, what do you call a real werewolf?

Using the term werewolf, lycan, or lycanthrope to describe what you are boils down to personal and regional preference. Any one of them will work, and they all mean the same thing.  They are all and interchangeable way to call yourself a werewolf.
Werewolf names around the world.