Where a werewolf transformation begins the answer!

Hello werewolf967!! Buddy here. Yes, I agree, the werewolf transformation is important, and yet so many movies don’t give this enough focus. As humans, we like to rubber-neck, so when a human is going to start transforming out of their human shape, and into a wolf, we want to see as much as humanly possible….and we want it to be disgusting and horrifying too! And of course we want it to look REAL! Because after all, we’re just sitting in our movie seat, not concerned it can happen to us… I blogged last month about the best werewolf transformation scenes…and the best tranformations are the ones that show the face disfiguring, the hair growing in, and the pain the person is going through – and don’t forget sound, sound is very important! You want to hear the bones crunching as they reshape, the agony as the skin stretches and tears, and the horrified gasps as the human realizes he has become a werewolf.

Now, the most important question that you’re asking – where does the werewolf transformation begin? I believe the werewolf transformation starts with the hands and feet. The hands and feet are the extremities, they’re farthest away from the core of your body where your heart and other core body parts are. The core of your body is going to be the hardest to transform, so the first visible signs of a transformation you’re going to see are going to be in the tips of your fingers and toes…it’s like an infection that’s running through your body in your bloodstream, and it’s going to start transforming the easiest parts first. Fingers, toes, tip of Nose, tips of ears… the body parts that would succumb to frostbite first are the parts where the werewolf tranformation begins.

Do you agree?



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21 Responses

  1. Werepyreking says:

    I was asking , are you werewolf, just to wondser

  2. jo says:

    i agree in movies but in real life they are very different and unpredictable at all times ^^

  3. thatgye says:

    this is fairly actualy fairly accurate, or at least for most of my pack. The hands and feet are the first things to change, followed by a shift in the spine and then the face.

  4. NameHere says:

    i cant help thing i’m a werewolf cuz i have hedaches and my muscsuals hurt i have wewrewolf teeth
    and i sweet i bleed and i even hear my bones crunch
    and other werewolf sytems and at night its like my body transforming at midnight i get one of the sytems every full moon i might e a slow tranforming werewolf

  5. NameHere says:

    and i think i’m cursed so i might be a werewolf its like when my body transforms it trys to tranform and its like idk it realy hurts i even sweat when it happens

  6. did you konw wolfs biten a human

  7. Abby says:

    im already a werewolf im an alpha the most animal one you look sorda like a wolf

  8. Danielle says:

    Look, Abby you dont have to lie about being a were wolf because if you really knew about them, then you would know that even if the Betta’s told anyone that they were a Werewolf, the Alpha would have to kill the Betta to protect the pack from being at the stake. Oldschool rules, back then if you were a were wolf, you were killed by the towns people, Modern day life would just hold you up for scientific research and make money off of your display.

  9. she wolf says:

    just to ask. Is everybody here a real werewolf? cause if everybody here is a werewolf then i should say we are a pack. Im from PHILIPPINES, not to mention. To say im just a member from a pack and not an alpha.

  10. Mary says:

    well, i dont really know where my shifting begins. it just happens. when i shift i get this horrible pain through out my body. its like im on fire and being clubed to death at the same time. next thing i know my eyes turn orange then my black fur is every where and im pretty much in my form.

  11. Lycanhope says:

    @Mary: If you’re feeling pain, you’re doing something wrong. I’d look into that, it would make your life a lot easier.

  12. I think the transformation begins in the organs, they thicken and fill with some sort if liquid, and expand or shrink. As they move, they start to feel in the wrong place, like it should but somewhere else. So, I think the transformation starts from within, and them moves outwardly. Like to the hands and feet, they increase in size and nails grow from inside the middle of the fingers and then poke out of the bone, same with the feet. I’m guessing the process is painful, yet, as a born wolf I have not experienced my first transformation because I have not fully matured. But, from others they explain it like this.

  13. Pain is normal, it may dull over the years or almost completely vanish, but it never ends. Your organs are tearing and reforming, bones are breaking and your whole begins structure and instincts are changing. It not hurting is simply illogical in my opinions and many wolves say it is in fact painful.

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @AngelMingan: Pain is your body’s indication that something is wrong, whether you’ve bent your arm the wrong way or cut yourself. It’s the body’s warning system to stop what you’re doing.
    If there is pain in your transformation, it’s because your body isn’t ready for it yet. Think of it like doing advanced stretching. If you jump straight into the legs-behind-your-head stretchiness, it hurts, because your body isn’t supposed to stretch that way.

  15. The transformation is real if you are form a blood line transformation ocuurs around the time a puberty or if you are bitten or cursed under a full moon that means going outside at nigt during a full moon and somehow upset the spirit goddess of the moon you will be cursed only to change during a full moon nothing else you will be strictly human until that night if you are bitten transfprmation starts right away and change does not only occur on a full moon you can change any time just on a full moon you are stronger faster your senses are hightened and or a blood line you should already know how it works

  16. Lycanhope says:

    @classified: No. Just, no.

  17. Holly1300 says:

    I’ve only really felt like I was transforming once when it was my first time my back was hurting a lot after I stopped transforming during the transformation my head was like going way lower than my back and my shoulders were going up that’s basically all that happened after that I was swetting in just ended up laying the floor really tired

  18. Anyela says:

    @Danielle yeah its true: true

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