Hello werewolf967!! Buddy here. Yes, I agree, the werewolf transformation is important, and yet so many movies don’t give this enough focus. As humans, we like to rubber-neck, so when a human is going to start transforming out of their human shape, and into a wolf, we want to see as much as humanly possible….and we want it to be disgusting and horrifying too! And of course we want it to look REAL! Because after all, we’re just sitting in our movie seat, not concerned it can happen to us… I blogged last month about the best werewolf transformation scenes…and the best tranformations are the ones that show the face disfiguring, the hair growing in, and the pain the person is going through – and don’t forget sound, sound is very important! You want to hear the bones crunching as they reshape, the agony as the skin stretches and tears, and the horrified gasps as the human realizes he has become a werewolf.

Now, the most important question that you’re asking – where does the werewolf transformation begin? I believe the werewolf transformation starts with the hands and feet. The hands and feet are the extremities, they’re farthest away from the core of your body where your heart and other core body parts are. The core of your body is going to be the hardest to transform, so the first visible signs of a transformation you’re going to see are going to be in the tips of your fingers and toes…it’s like an infection that’s running through your body in your bloodstream, and it’s going to start transforming the easiest parts first. Fingers, toes, tip of Nose, tips of ears… the body parts that would succumb to frostbite first are the parts where the werewolf tranformation begins.

Do you agree?