Where do werewolves live?

Where do werewolves live? This is an interesting question.
They live in houses. They live in apartments. They live in condos. Since werewolves when they are not transformed are normal people, they live anyplace you would find a normal person living. You will not find them living in the wild like the Yeti (aka Bigfoot). They do not even need anything special in their homes– for example, vampires mostly need coffins for the complete darkness. Werewolves need nothing. What this means is that it is very very difficult to prove or disprove the existence of werewolves, because they blend in with the normal population, they can be among us unknown.
In theory – and perhaps in reality, werewolves could be as pervasive as any theives or spies. Meaning, they could be among us, living next door and we wouldn’t know.



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  1. ohanzee says:

    wolfie i need help xd i cnt control anything i do anymore without my wolf getting involved a lil (moving walking talking even my appearance has changed) i dont even talk to people anymore all i do is write and tht is even hard

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