Where werewolf transformation begins the answer! What is the cause?

Ah, werewolf967, you misunderstand me! I do not believe that the werewolf transfromation begins at the core of the body, but rather that the core of the body is the very last part to transform into a werewolf – it is the “core” so it is the hardest….like you are saying, the heart and soul would be the hardest to convince to “give up” or “give in” to the werewolf transformation itself…so it seems we kind of have the same idea on where the werewolf transformation begins!

I do think we differ on what causes the werewolf tranformation. I believe that it is an infection, whereas you believe the transformation happens due to a “possession” during the full moon. There are I think references in literature and movies to support both theories. On the “infection” line of thought, there are those that say that just by being bitten by a werewolf will cause you to become a werweolf yourself. In my mind, this makes the most sense biologically, because there are so many infections and viruses and parasites that can spread through bites and saliva (rabies! colds!) that it seems logical that whatever is causing the tranformation is communicable like a disease. It is infectious…and…as an infection, would invade a would and spread throughout the blood stream, thus causing the werwolf transformation. If werewolves are real, in my mind this is what is causing it. And in answer to your question, since it is merely an infection, yes, the man inside the werewolf still has a soul. The soul did not leave the man when he transformed, rather it became infected by the virus, causing him to act unhumanlike or animallike.

On the other hand, it sounds like you believe that the transformation is due to a possession during the full moon. Now you’re right, there is no doubt that ancient – and modern – legends certainly claim this to be the case. But the question werewolf967 is how does the moon cause a man to transform into a wolf? This seems to go more into science fiction that dealing with straight science. And also, are you saying that werewolves have no soul? Isn’t there such a thing as a good werewolf?



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  1. Re says:

    Yep. There could be a lot of causes becoming a werewolve: forced to or because you want to. (Mostly forced to)

  2. crazy123 says:

    you cant use movies or modern literature as referances because mostly they are convoluted pices of crap that cant keep the facts straight! Besides most writers these days mostly know the basics and them make up some ******.

    oh and also, there are multiple differing types of shapeshifters scattered over the world that are pretty mucch werewolves and for some it is volentary but for others its not.

  3. boornwerwolf says:

    can you tell me how to transform pppppllllleeeeaaaaassssseeeee im new

  4. Chase, me and leah were talking to Oni. angel wolf is jess. BetaWolfAlyssa is me. AlphaWolfLeah is leah (who left). Keep going back, until angel wolf and oni start.


  5. Angel Wolf says:

    why not

  6. Angel Wolf says:

    im going to find kaposa’s chat box its a lot fasster

  7. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  8. alex says:

    How do you phase into a wolf , pleas and are werewolves immortal? If you need to bite me or something im ok wit it pleas just tell me pleas.

  9. alex says:

    Pleas tell me how to phase, and if I do who will I be in a wolf pack , how do you phase back, im new

  10. jo says:

    aw…… dont know lol XD

  11. josh says:

    No werewolves are not immortal there still.able to die with a simple bullet to the head or the quicker way…silver. they are hard to kill cause they.heal faster then humans of a 25% faster rate of healing cause the blood is thicker

  12. alex says:

    So how do you become a werewolf

  13. josh says:

    Couple ways I have found in my research..physical contact by bite or scrach

  14. josh says:

    Couple ways I have found in my research..physical contact by bite or scratch..that seems to be the hardest way..another way is to tempt the devil….our for some is just being born with it

  15. alex says:

    What aboout a shapeshifter

  16. alex says:

    How do u become a shapeshifter then

  17. josh says:

    Shall shifting is the.power to turn into a wolf not a.wolf like creature to shape shift you would need a.marked.relic like a wolf skin that has been marked by a certin tribe of Indian

  18. alex says:

    Is there any other way like meditating

  19. josh says:

    Not unless you are or have the ability to change

  20. alex says:

    Here go to signs your turning into a werewolf and are you a werewolf

  21. Aaron says:

    I know this is pretty late and this website might be dead already but. It’s not cool to be a werewolf guys… You think it’s cool cause you watched twilight and other really bad movies/shows about vampires and werewolfs.
    Why be one. Cause you have nothing to do with your life? Wanna be in the spot light? Come on. It’s a curse, ain’t a blessing. And think to yourself, why you. Think you can handle the curse cos it’s “cool”? And No, It’s not gonna happen to you just like that. It’s a curse. you probably need to trigger it. Kill somebody? Drink human blood? Let a werewolf bite you and you’ll become one? idk guys. I’m not a werewolf. Even if I am no one will believe me.

  22. cat says:

    good pint Arron a lot of people are just looking for the newst thing uf twilight and teen wolf and such never happened, no one would give werewolves and vampires a second thought

  23. cat says:

    soz cant spell – dyslexic – *point not pint *if not uf

  24. Lycanhope says:

    The difference between a curse and a blessing is what you do with it.
    It’s not a curse though, that was just a random bit of wisdom.
    You’re welcome.

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