Which is real man-eating sponges or werewolves?

Which one of these creatures are not accepted as being “real” by scientists?

1. Pink dolphins
2. Transparent fish
3. Goats that climb trees
4. Fish with teeth like humans
5. Glass Frogs
6. Flying snakes
7. Meat-eating sea sponges
8. 3 foot long giant earthworms
9. 42 pound crabs with 12 foot leg spans
10. Werewolves

Most of these seem pretty improbable right? Well, you may be surprised then to hear that the only creature on this list that scientists and researchers say does not exist is the werewolf!! All of these other creatures have been proven and accepted as being real.

Why do people believe in all these other weird animals but not in the werewolf?
Videos and pictures and being presented with actual physical specimens are what many scientists require. But it seems that there is a double standard, because even if a scientist or researcher were presented face to face – with an actual real werewolf, many probably still would not believe in them. Why? Because unlike the other creatures on this list, werewolves are a creature that have been promoted as being fantastical in books and movies – mediums that are very persuasive to humans. As a result, most humans go into the question on the existence of werewolves not with an open mind, but with a mind that has already been made up by years of subtle reminders that werewolves are not real. That kind of predisposed belief is hard to dispel.



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