Who would you want to meet? Vampire or Werewolf?

If you’re a HUMAN – If you’re a human, and you’re given the choice of either meeting a vampire or a werewolf, you’re way better off with the werewolf. Vampires are blood-thirsty, undead creatures. Vampires live on, survive for, and crave one thing and one thing only – human blood. Even vampires that are centuries old still have this craving and this desire – it never goes away, and is always foremost in their mind. They must have blood to survive. And human blood is their preference.  If you’re a human, you’re putting yourself at incredible risk by meeting a vampire. On the otherhand, werewolves do not need human blood to survive. As a human, you know that a werewolf may not like you, but does not HAVE to eat you to survive.  Werewolves do not crave human blood the way vampires do.  And while younger werewolves are more volatile, if you’re a human, and you meet an older werewolf, chances are pretty good you could escape unscathed if you are smart.

If you’re a VAMPIRE – If you’re a vampire and you’re given the same choice – of meeting either another vampire or a werewolf, you’re way better off with the vampire.  Werewolves are one of the few creatures that can destroy vampires.  And, although the feud between werewolves and vampires is a bit overblown and not altogether accurate, there is still tension between the two species, especially two individuals who do not know each other.  And on top of that, vampires always, always, underestimate the true power of a werewolf.  If you’re a vampire and you meet another vampire on the other hand, you have insider knowledge in that you know exactly what that other vampire is capable of and after.  You’re better equipped to avoid another vampire, and chances are that vampire wants human blood more than he/she wants a conflict with another vampire.

If you’re a WEREWOLF – If you’re a werewolf, you’re better off with the vampire. Vampires tend to underestimate werewolves, so if it got heated, chances are you would have a good chance of winning.  Vampires also have little interest in werewolves anyway, so the chances that it would get heated are not very high to begin with.  If a werewolf met another werewolf however, anything could happen.  Two werewolves can get along fine, however if they didn’t and if it got to the point where you as a werewolf had to fight another werewolf, the odds that you’d win would be about 50 – 50…one of the few things that can overcome a werewolf is another werewolf.



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10 Responses

  1. madasyn says:

    u r so right……even though the first time i shapeshifted wuz yesterday and i already hate vampires lol :))

  2. Kevkas says:


  3. shubham says:

    easiest way to turn into a werewolf???????? i want 2 be a werewolf.. plzzz help me 2 be one…………….

  4. tariq says:

    Any one willing to make me a were?

  5. Josie Thew says:

    I am a werewolf, because…

    i love wolves
    i have yellow eyes
    i howl at the moon
    and every night i have the need to hunt something
    plus i can shape shift into a wolf

  6. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    I wish I werewolf because ive always been fascinated by werewolves also I like every thing about them

  7. Mackenzie Eyrn Burke says:

    I would So like and Love being able to meet an a Real life Vampire like Don Henry like him self you’ve probly of heard of him From The Tv Show Seires of Mad Mad House I have a lot of qestions I would of Love to ask them like on a date or something like stairing at painting In a art like restrount like poet like Galery something like show or a Club or a Bar or a Hotel Motel or a combonation of All the above and Beyound and more my Love For Vampires R like their like my next closest Best Friends like holding your Favorite stuft animal Like Teddy Bare Like Family Like were maried or something Like Lovers

  8. Angelina says:

    I don’t like how whoever wrote this underestimated the powers of Vampires like myself, I would very much like to fight a werewolf tonite, it might give me something to do plus I really don’t like the disrespect about that line “If you’re a WEREWOLF – If you’re a werewolf, you’re better off with the vampire. Vampires tend to underestimate werewolves, so if it got heated, chances are you would have a good chance of winning. ” yea right!

  9. Hope says:

    I dont need to be a werewolf. I do want them to be real. not the blood thirsty kind that loses all parts of their humanity and wants to tear you to tiny little bloody peices, but the kind that is very capable of that but chooses when that is necessary and when it isnt. I want to know that kind of power exists, but is not always given into. This may sound really stupid and naive, and but I have a german shepherd I totally worship, and I love dogs, but really love wolves just as much. I respect their power, prey drive, and absolute deadly beauty. its intoxicating. to know that there is a hybrid of my kind and theirs is probably just a fantasy, but I wish I could meet one and survive; if only to hold it close to my heart, and have it to cherish for myself-to share with NO one.

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