why do vampires wear cloaks?

Cloaks are more associated with “old-school” vampires than modern-day ones. Vampires from the 1800s are more likely to be wearing that long black cape than today’s vampire. But why did vampires even start wearing cloaks to begin with? Alot of it has to do with fashion.

During the 1800s, cloaks were a very popular form of clothing. Cloaks therefore became popular with vampires from this time period simply because of the popularity of this style of clothing at the time. The cloak was worn by people as overcoats over clothing – much like a coat is worn. They hung loosely, protecting the suit or dress underneath while also providing protection from the weather and insulating the wearer from the cold. They fastened at the neck with a clasp, and one of the most common colors they came in was black – a universal color that matched any type of outfit worn underneath. Cloaks often came down to the ankle or mid-thigh and were worn by both men and women alike. In short, the cloak was just another piece of clothing – and vampires, like humans, simply wore the fashion of the day – and the cloak just happened to be it.

What really made the cloak so synonymous with vampires however, was that an actor named Bela Lugosi wore a cloak during his rendition of Dracula. Lugosi wore the cloak simply because its style hid a trap door that he was exiting from the stage with. Lugosi later went on to sta in the film version of Dracula in the 1930s, and kept the cloak as part of Dracula’s costume. The popularity of the film made cloaks practically synonymous with vampires – much like Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight books have made the “sparking skin” a feature of modern-day vampires.



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