Why do werewolves eat live victims?

This is a question some people have been wondering. Werewolves eat live victims because they enjoy the kill!! Their instinct drives them to go after live animals and people. All you have to do is look at the biology of a werewolf to be able to tell. Werewolves have huge canines, which means they are meat eaters. They also have hook-shaped claws designed to grasp their prey while their prey is struggling…if werewolves didn’t enjoy killing, they would wait until their prey was dead to eat it. Have you ever heard of a werewolf eating dead meat? No, they eat live meat! So, in short, werewolves eat live victims because 1. it is werewolf instinct and further 2. they love the chase and lastly 3. they enjoy the kill.



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  1. Downpool says:


    I would like it if you went back and read Re-searcha’s post and then mine. I never said that I had a promblem with the oppinions of non-believers and believers.

    I have a promblem with the way their post was written. As I read it. Re-searcha was attacking the people on this site because of what they believe, she/he wrote their post in a way that I read it in an attacking manner.

    Yes, she/he made her oppinion clear, and I have no problem with that, but it was the way they did it. State your oppinion in a calm manner, do not throw it at someone. The way she/he wrote it was in a way that made it seem that she/he had her/his oppinion and was unwilling to open up to the opinions of others. That’s all I meant in my post.

    Death By Moon

    It’s alright, my comment to you wasn’t just for you. So I’m sorry if I offended you. I’ve just seen that type of threatening post before, and they are everywhere. I just grow tired seeing people act like that, it’s really sad.

    Oppinions of individuels will clash, but that gives no right to anyone to threat another, no matter how rude another comment may be.

    Argue out your oppinions with one another, do not threaten each other just because one opinion is not the same as yours.

    And I agree with you Death by Moon that Re-searcha should not have posted her post like so, and it was wrong of her/him to do so. She/he like everyone else is in titled to their own oppinion, but an oppinion should be said with an open mind, and a willing to hear out the oppinions of others.

  2. Re-searcha says:

    show me these things, things like werewolves and p-shifting. I mean please one of you wolfpeople or whatever you call yourselves kindly just show me this transformation. But I don’t think you will ever show me…..you know why? Yep you got it buddy. Cause there is nothing like that.

  3. Wolf justice says:

    Reseacha please stop with this insulting way of posting your opinion i happen to find it even sader than the comments posted here stop trying to stifle a persons opinion because you dont think stuff like this is real ps stop trying to tell us to give you proof why dont you do some real reseach and see for yourself

  4. knb71 says:

    All i won’t to know is “Are werewolves real”? Are vampires real? Will we ever find out if these supernatural creatures are REAL? Do scientists even have evidence of these creatures ever existing? Thats all i won’t to know.

  5. I think the scientists know but they are keeping it hush-hush

  6. Lycanhope says:

    I think that any scientist would think we’re just crazy, and why study a crazy person? The perfect disguise, lol.
    As for the topic, what absolute rubbish. We don’t eat humans full stop, that would be cannibalism.

    • Loki says:

      yeah, but the article mentioned animal too, which wouldnt be cannibalism. Personally, I think it’s BS that werewolf eat live prey and like the killing. I mean, some do, perhaps but only the humans who like killing , in other words, psycho’s who only wanna be werewolf because they wanna kill without being punished. Nor wolves, nor humans have the instinct to kill. Wolves hunt only when they need food and humans for fun, so a hybrid between (which is how I see the werewolf, sorry if I am wrong) will not kill out of instinct. However, it is very well possible that some (or many) like the chase due to adrenaline. And I dunno if they like the killing and I am not gonna try it, unless I need it to survive.

      PS. Only the first phrase was directed at you and wasn’t meant to argue with you, more to point out that that isn’t entirely BS because some humans enjoy hunting, tho I can’t say why. Perhaps someone will be so kind as to explain it to me?

    • Lycanhope says:

      Bloody hell, the necro post of necro posts.
      And no, werewolves don’t “like” killing. The enjoyment of killing or hurting other things is a very human concept thanks (Also cats apparently. Cats are just, no). It’s meat, you can catch it, you can kill it, therefore it’s food. No enjoyment there, pure convenience.

  7. savannah says:

    they can really live in houses and they can live in any place. my friend transformed last night and he said that can i drink some of your blood and i say no and what do i do ?

  8. kitty says:

    Alice what to do if a vampire is hunting me, I am a human/Therian.

  9. lonewolf123 says:


  10. Dude! My dog followed me into my class room yesterday!

  11. believa true that says:

    were wolfs are real oh and just so you know there is a difference between
    lycans and werewolfs

  12. believa true that says:

    @Shadow Hunter: funny!!!

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