Why do werewolves eat live victims?

This is a question some people have been wondering. Werewolves eat live victims because they enjoy the kill!! Their instinct drives them to go after live animals and people. All you have to do is look at the biology of a werewolf to be able to tell. Werewolves have huge canines, which means they are meat eaters. They also have hook-shaped claws designed to grasp their prey while their prey is struggling…if werewolves didn’t enjoy killing, they would wait until their prey was dead to eat it. Have you ever heard of a werewolf eating dead meat? No, they eat live meat! So, in short, werewolves eat live victims because 1. it is werewolf instinct and further 2. they love the chase and lastly 3. they enjoy the kill.



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218 Responses

  1. Alice says:


  2. Reaper says:

    she was human

  3. Reaper says:

    idk what he did with her though.

  4. Alice says:

    LOL!!!! did she kno that ur a Vampire?

  5. Reaper says:

    No, that was the funny prt, everbdy we wer with but her was.

  6. Alice says:

    wow thats kinda sad

  7. Reaper says:


    i havent seen her since.

  8. Alice says:

    damn it sorry the council needs me gotta go

  9. Reaper says:

    thats fine, seeya.

  10. Alice says:

    Here’s the deal, they think that there has been an emergency outbreak in Vampire attacks here so they think that some people will have to be “protectors” of the human race. I was like really? All of this just to tell me that there are some nasty Vampires out there? Oh my gosh I was so pissed off. Then when I offered to help they asked me if I was over the age of nine. I was ready to rip their heads off. I must now patrol my sector of California. It was hilarious and then my friend showed up and was asked me if I was really going to do anything and I just said nope. It was so funny we bursted out laughing, oh we got everybody pissed.

  11. llyon says:

    lol, i only protect my loved ones and my human family….. i feel obliged to…… other than that i sweep up the mess of rouge werewolves, i don’t do vamps hate the taste of the little buggers (no offence to anyone here, i just don’t like the dead blood)….. but, meh no choice in the matter in australia

  12. Alice says:

    They thought I was nine!!! Am I really that short????

  13. Jay says:

    This one is up in the air as far as some things go. For one I believe it’s the chase that is the most interesting kind of like a cat playing with a mouse its fun when you chase it but it all depends on if your hungry. So it could go both ways alive or dead and another thing the werewolf species is just another species. It yearns to survive weather the cost is horrible or not.

  14. wolf says:

    i LOVE to ki*!! i can tell because well when i wake up i dont eat breakfat.im full and i dont know why.this is why.im a werewolf!

  15. Steven Bradford says:

    Ok im not a werewolf but i rely want to be one so if eney one can get this please do.

  16. BlueWerewolf says:

    dude you are right but i only go for humans when im looking for pack recruits, i never eat humans only animals

  17. BlueWerewolf says:

    hey Steven Bradford not sweat it im always looking for pack recruits so tonight is you lucky night

  18. DWolf says:

    …Who ever made it truth that wolves eat humans? It is an oppinion of many I supose, but I do not believe it to be truth.

    The only time a wolf would hunt and kill a human is either their food supply is low, and the human is the only known prey that they can obtain…or because the human, in the mind of a mutt, would be an extreme hunt because of the human being a prey able to sometimes think clear when in a dire sitiuation, a challange for the hunter, so said.

    As for living prey, the prey of the wolf will be dead upon being caught with in the jaws of the creature, and thus would be dead, not living. Wolves are not scavangers unless they must be, and thus do not go out looking for food already killed by another preditor. They are hunters, and thus hunt their prey.

  19. Re-searcha says:

    I just have to laugh…None of you here are werewolves. There are no werewolves in existence. The name werewolf is meant to be used only in horror movies. If you use it for the name of a literal creature and you literally believe this creature or you are a werewolf, than i must tell you are mistaken. But if this is just a fantasy of yours, like wishing you were a vampire, and seeing a site online that keeps you anonymous, thereby allowing you the liberty to post any outlandish claims to be able to drink blood and howl at the moon……i just have to laugh.

  20. death by moon says:

    go ahead laugh dumb ass but when your walking one night and a werewolf that hunts humans comes along, i think all of us are going to be laughing our asses off when you come back here and type an “i’m sorry” post. again i say one who doesn’t understand what he doesn’t know is an idiot in my perspective.

  21. Downpool says:


    It would be nice if you and others who jump upon this site to calm your writing. Do not say you laugh because someone believes to be something. It is their fantasy, and as long as they do not harm others, let them live it.

    And Re-searcha if you believe that, why post? Ignore the post and move on to a different site.

    Death by Moon

    Do not threaten people. That goes for others who write similar post like your own. Stop the foolishness, it’s pitiful and you all should be a shame. If you wish to act then join a Rping site.

    Is this not supose to be a dicussion site? Are we as Non-believers and believers suspose to discuss the situation of the myths and legends, and of our own opinions of werewolves and other creatures of the unknown.

  22. Jeremy says:

    OK Downpool they have a right to believe in whatever they want why do you have a problem with it if you don’t like this go on a site called I love real things?
    and death by moon don’t threaten me by this.

  23. Jeremy says:

    Ok i just scroll up and i find this. Have u ever bit ur tounge, with one of ur fngs WTF?

  24. Jeremy says:

    And wait look at this . lol, i only protect my loved ones and my human family….. i feel obliged to…… other than that i sweep up the mess of rouge werewolves, i don’t do vamps hate the taste of the little buggers (no offence to anyone here, i just don’t like the dead blood)….. but, meh no choice in the matter in australia. Im am SOO SCREWED i live in Australia.

  25. death by moon says:

    ok downpool i didnt catch re-searcha’s post at a good time and i realize that it was out of my place to make the threat. Jeremy why would i threaten you by that, if anything that view is the same as mine. as for re-searcha if you have to keep incinuating that everyone who believes in werewolves is insane you should either get off the site or stop posting comments. People have a right to believe in what they want, it doesn’t mean their crazy.

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