Why do wolves howl at the moon? If you notice, once one wolf starts howling, they all start howling. You’ll also notice that dogs do the same thing, one starts a howl and they all follow with grunts, then whines, then a full-blown howl! One reason wolves howl is to communicate with each other – if the wolf has been separated by his pack, he’ll howl to find and communicate with his packmates. Howls are very loud and can be heard from a great distance. Another reason wolves howl is to tell how close they are to neighboring packs, that way they can stay away from each other. Interestingly, the assumption that wolves howl at the moon is only that – an assumption, nothing has proven that wolves are actually howling at the moon, although some say that wolves may indeed howl more when the moon is out just because they’re out more due to the light the moon provides which allows them to see better at night.