Why do wolves howl at the moon?

Why do wolves howl at the moon? If you notice, once one wolf starts howling, they all start howling. You’ll also notice that dogs do the same thing, one starts a howl and they all follow with grunts, then whines, then a full-blown howl! One reason wolves howl is to communicate with each other – if the wolf has been separated by his pack, he’ll howl to find and communicate with his packmates. Howls are very loud and can be heard from a great distance. Another reason wolves howl is to tell how close they are to neighboring packs, that way they can stay away from each other. Interestingly, the assumption that wolves howl at the moon is only that – an assumption, nothing has proven that wolves are actually howling at the moon, although some say that wolves may indeed howl more when the moon is out just because they’re out more due to the light the moon provides which allows them to see better at night.



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90 Responses

  1. Astianax says:

    …. XD

  2. Re-searcha says:

    Most of you people on the site, I’m sorry to say, are not well. You post these comedic claims of been able to turn into monsters and shape shifters. Please think about that for a moment. YOU SAY YOU ARE ABLE TO TURN INTO THESE THINGS IN MOVIES CALLED WEREWOLVES. How does that sound mentally? Ask yourself this when you look in the mirror tomorrow or later tonight, assuming you haven’t childishly smashed the mirror in your dramatizing of what you assume is the common way of changing. And do you know the funny thing? If you are all just role-playing, as in kidding around, and you aren’t really sick in the head, that’s just as bad, because we all know (at least the saner of us) that whilst you’re mocking about on here saying you are FIDO or Wolfy, there are people your age actually doing something real….like making money? hahaha, trust me you would have had a better chance at even remotely intriguing me if your stories weren’t so..cliche.

  3. Re-searcha: You have a lot to learn. I must say your constant nagging and down talking gets annoying, but at the same time, intruiging. You say none of what we say is real, that we are all sick in the head, maybe you believe and want to be one so badly that this is your escape. Your name reflects it, ‘research’ in tat, you have already admitted to studying our nature and the like.

    But other than that, I am sure you wont stop so here a tip of advice: When insulting try to use more original names. Maybe Shadow Claw Tooth? Sounds ridiculous, yet Rpers would happily use it solely because it uses a words of elemental substance.

  4. Re-searcha says:

    there are nothing like werewolves in existence.

  5. Hachina says:

    Yet you only know so much. 😉

  6. lee ann says:

    -.- Rayne I’ll take you up on your offer to rid everyone of a common nuisance.

  7. DaRk says:

    Alright, you’re right. “Werewolves” do not exist, i agree on that. No, no one shifts into a “werewolf” or any other animal. But there are other things you yet to understand. No one here is sick in the head, at least i don’t see any signs that they are. Sure, the ones that say “i transformed” or something of that nature, are immature and probably no lives. I understand where you come from, Re-searcha, but you should listen to the other things discussed here, before you make judgments as you have.

  8. pklett92 says:

    ok guys ok…I’m pretty shore werewolves exist.

  9. Armand says:

    any one on facebook

  10. Hachina says:

    I’m gunna face your book. lol jk xD

  11. Hachina says:

    I’m gonna face your book. lol jk xD

  12. Halmond says:

    Wolves howl at the moon, because they are able to see light in different frequencies than us humans do. When the mooon is full they can see the true colors of the moon shinging in full brightness (blue, red, green) , the energy rings surrounding it and the space ghoul visiting its creation. Although it’s continuously being discredit by people nowadays that is the true reason they howl at it.

  13. Hachina says:

    @Halmond: … Words fail me…..

  14. Dynomutt says:

    I don’t think that’s correct, Halmond. I mean, it’s possible, but I don’t think that it’s the true reason.

  15. @Halmond: There are more than just one reason for it.

  16. Jt says:

    If you were a wolf you’ll would know the story why they howl ,its not good

  17. I know for a fact that the moon makes wolves howl any nutcase who disagree will have to get past me.Oh,and vamps is soo boring but werewolves rock!

  18. wolf girl says:

    your being a noob becsuse IM a WEREWOLF!

  19. lupus-mirus says:

    is any body out there

  20. manalmighty says:

    hi lupus

  21. lonewolf123 says:

    @hachina: You rule, dude. so much humour. he says noob, then you say boob. LOL.

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