Witching Hour

When is the Witching Hour?
Depending on what source you reference, there are different ideas on when the witching hour is. Some sources state it is at midnight, whereas others say anytime between midnight and 3am will qualify as the Witching Hour. Many other sources however state that the Witching Hour is typically between 3am – 4am.

What is it?
The Witching hour is said to be the time of night during which creatures that humans do not want to meet (ghouls, demons, ghosts, witches, spirits) are most powerful and most active. Black magic and spells are also strongest at this time of night.  If you are out during this time of night expect odd, unusual, and disturbing things to happen.

How to protect yourself?
In many cultures it is believed the best way – and perhaps the only way – to protect yourself during the Witching Hour is simply to not be outside during that time of night (especially on halloween!).

What is the History of the Witching Hour?
It is believed that the Witching Hour may be related to Christ. It is said that Christ died at 3pm. It is believed that since 3am is the “opposite” of 3pm, this is the time that evil is strongest. It is worth mentioning that there are some that believe that 3am is in fact a time called the “Devil’s Hour”.



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4 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    Just like Halloween, All Hallows Eve, is said to be when it’s the thinnest and the dead can easily walk between the worlds of living and the dead, the witching hour is the same, but not as thin as it is on Halloween.
    The witching hour is from 3am to 4am, with the thinnest space being at exactly 3:33am.

    You’re right in that it relates to the story of when Jesus died. He died at 3pm, took until 4pm for complete death and removal from the cross.
    At 3:33pm, Jesus expelled his very last breath, so at 3:33am, it is the thinnest and spirits, demons, ghouls, ghosts, whatever, can far more easily traverse the worlds of living and dead, so if you don’t want to meet up with anything not of this world, it’s best to stay indoors, and place some blood either on your door or doorstep, so that anything traveling between the 2 worlds will think that inside your house is just another like themselves, and they will move on.

    On Halloween, the entire night is at it’s thinnest, but especially at 3:33am, and it’s most definitely NOT wise to be out at that time unless you’re truly looking to meet someone or something, definitely NOT of this world.
    If you do go out on Halloween, just like you’d do with your door, place some blood on your face somewhere so they can smell it and they’ll leave you alone.

  2. The witching hour is between 3:00 to 4:00′ this is when the evil ghosts, demons, ghouls, wraiths and other evil spirits, hell hounds and other undead and evil spirits come out of the shadows. And the divine aura shield between heaven, hell, the astral plane, earth, and the spirit world is the weakest. During Halloween and the bloodmoon it is weakest all night long and the witching hour is also all night long. Werewolves are their strongest during the witching hour. Also the witching hour gives all of the spells casted on it a threefold boost and negates all of the side affects (karma and reversing on the caster.) Hense the name “witching hour.”

  3. Best ways to protect yourself…

    1. Stay inside (I never follow this one)

    2. Seeds left out on the doorstep or porch (goblins and some evil spirits leave you alone cause they eat them)

    3. A cross (to ward off demons and the unholy)

    4. A protection spell

  1. October 17, 2011

    […] are out on Halloween night you are already risking it, but being out past 3am brings you into the Witching Hour (3am – 4am)… a time of the night when “anything goes”… nobody is safe […]

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