Wizard/Potter Halloween costume idea

I have another idea for your Halloween costume that wouldn’t involve too much, another Harry Potter movie character actually.
The wizard beard is currently on sale as part of your accessories for the Halloween costume. The beard would have you fit in with the Harry Potter theme if that is what you need and is only $29.99 right now on sale. After you have the wig it shouldn’t be too difficult finding ideas to finish off the Halloween Wizard Potter costume. A wand and robe as accessories, wear the beard, and something in your closet for the robe.This costume is also kid friendly in case you might have children that are a little frightened by the scary Halloween monsters you might otherwise see. The costume is probably not a contest winner and you might not want to show up at a Halloween party dressed in a Albus Dumbledore costume, but the kid’s would love for you to wear it. Just don’t let the children watch the Harry Potter movie on Halloween night so that they can’t compare Wizards, unless of course you actually do look a lot like Dumbledore. Another good thing about the Dumbledore Wizard costume is that you wont have to wear a hot plastic mask all night, the beard might be a little uncomfortable but probably not like those plastic masks- when you breath in it the moisture builds up in the mask and it get hot and humid and sticky; after summer that is the last thing you want….

Wizard Halloween beard



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