Wolf mask! Homemade and store!

So I decided to post a whole separate entry for the wolf mask. I know, I know, I already blogged about the dog halloween mask, but wolves are different from dogs (and different from werewolves too), so here’s it’s own entry, for people that specifically want a wolf mask!

Now, there are scary wolf masks and not-so-scary wolf masks for halloween. Here’s a not scary wolf mask based on the “Big Bad Wolf” from Little Red Riding Hood. It looks kind of like a cartoon! Here’s another wolf mask for kids that’s not scary at all, and looks kind of like a fox more than a wolf.

As for scary wolf masks, here’s one that’s kind of scary, but still good for kids. It’s called a “Bad Wolf” (kind of cartoony). Here’s another wolf mask that is kind of scary, and here’s another scary mask choice. If you want a really scary halloween mask, you need to change your costume idea from a wolf costume mask to a werewolf costume mask! If you want to make the change to werewolf, Read my post on werewolf masks!

The homemade wolf mask is another choice to consider for halloween- here are some good instructions from the San Diego Zoo for kids to make a wolf mask that resembles the big bad wolf. You just need paper plates, scissors glue, and a few other things you can find around the house. Here’s another Wolf Mask that looks like a wolf you can just print out.



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