Wolf Moon: January Full Moon 2011

Tonight as many already know is the first and last full moon of January 2011. But tonights moon is no ordinary full moon. The name of January’s full moon is Wolf Moon, a name give to this moon many many generations past.Full moon Wolf

For some of us the moon guides our lives, it gives us a feeling of comfort that passes through the body as we look up to the heavens to find a bright and bold full moon hovering above our souls and our homes. However, for others the moon has become such a daily part of life that in many cases we take advantage that we have such a beautiful sight. With life getting busier and busier and as we age in such a complex society it is hard to fully appreciate something that has been in the sky since man and women were put here.

So tonight try to appreciate one of our planets most beautiful nightly sights, the rising of the moon, and tonight appreciate how without fail it rises and falls with the time passing. The moon will leave for  moment, it will change form and from our position transform itself daily. Try to look at tonights moon and fully appreciate it with your body and soul, you don’t have to be a werewolf or a wolf to accomplish this…



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  1. yay!!!!!! its a good thing someone posted something about the moon again! nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooot wooottt XD

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