Wolf Moon

Tonight is going to be a busy night for werewolves – not only is it the first full moon of the new year, it’s also supposed to be one of the best full moons of 2010…assuming you can see it through the storms and cloud cover which cover much of country tonight. But besides all of that, what makes it especially special, is it’s pretty cool name…. it is what’s called the “Wolf Moon“.

The Wolf Moon is the name given to January’s full moon. The name gives it’s origins to the United States’ Native American culture which named the “Wolf Moon” in honor of wolves…because wolves are known to howl at the moon during these coldest of months.

Even if you can’t see the moon because of the weather, it’s effects will undoubtedly be felt strongly tonight. Take a few minutes for yourself to enjoy its presence!

What is a red moon?

Full Moon;  Source:  Nasa

Full Moon Source: Nasa


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11 Responses

  1. Värlôc says:

    It’s a very clear sky here in Michigan. It looks marvelous!

  2. woodwosewolf says:

    It was the perfect night to howl!

  3. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    the full moon is tonight wildwose…. and here in the midwest it is VERY clear skies… so i’ll see it tonight

  4. ireallyluvwerewolves says:

    wat ev

  5. jo me are one says:

    hmmm… i remebered that time that when i turned my back on the moon i felt that it said who are you? …. weird

  6. well……..seriously I’m here destiny

  7. hmmm…….when I was looking up at a wolf moon I thought I heard something/someone ask for me not to go and who am I man,that was wierd

  8. Alphessdancer says:

    werewolvesrule=p I had that happen to me on a full moon. It was creepy!

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