200 Wolf Names and meanings

Wolf names have been used for centuries in different countries throughout the world.  Manywolf names meanings of these names have been adopted by people as strong identifications of themselves to the world.  I’ve listed below some of the most famous – and not so famous wolf names and their meanings.  Some are male wolf names, some are female, and some can be interchanged between the two.  It’s meant as simply a starting point in your search for the perfect name. If you’re looking for werewolf names, check out the werewolf name generator, or the list of werewolf names around the world.

What’s in a Name?

A name is how you identify yourself, and how others identify you. It can have a very strong impact on how you are perceived and how you act. In fact, humans are not the only creatures to identify each other by “names” – animals such as dolphins also use unique names to identify each other. Choosing a name can be incredibly difficult – whether or not it’s for a real person, a fictional person in a book, a pen name, or simply an alias. Perhaps one of the reasons it is so difficult is because it will be something that someone will carry with them their whole life.  People look for names that have meanings special to themselves or their loved ones.  Finding that perfect name means alot of research, and looking at the meanings of the name can help in this research.

So, here we go…

Wolf Names and their Meanings

Adalwolfnoble wolfGerman
Adalwolfanoble she-wolfGerman
Adoffvariant of Adolph; noble wolfGerman
Adolfonoble wolfLatin
Adolphnoble wolfGerman
Adolphanoble she-wolfGerman
Adolphusnoble wolfGerman
Amouxeagle wolfFrench
Amwolfeagle wolfGerman
Ardolfhome loving wolfEnglish
Ardwolfhome loving wolfEnglish
Arnoueagle wolfFrench
Audolfwolfs friendNorse
Bardalphax wolfOld English
Bardolfax wolfOld English
Bardoubright wolf; ax-weilding wolfEnglish
Beowulfintelligent wolfAnglo-Saxon
Bjomolfbear wolfNorse
BlaezwolfOld Breton
Blediglike a wolfWelsh
Bodolfwolf leaderNorse
Boriswolf, shortRussian
Botewolfherald wolfEnglish
Botolfmessenger wolf; herald wolfOld English
Botwolfherald wolfOld English
Bozkurtlargrey wolfTurkish
Canawolf cubCeltic
Canaganwolf cubCeltic
Channyoung wolfEnglish
Channingyoung wolf; official of the churchOld French
Channonyoung wolfEnglish
Chanteloupsong of the wolfFrench
Colinin whelpCeltic
Conallstrong as a wolfIrish
Conanhound, wolf; highIrish
Connerywolf farmerCeltic
Connorwolf loverIrish
Convelwolf warriorCeltic
Conwennawolf, houndCornish
Cuanlittle wolf or little houndIrish
Dolphusnoble wolfGerman
Ethelwulfnoble wolfOld English
Eyolflucky wolfNorwegian
Faoiltiamawolf ladyIrish
Faolanlittle wolfIrish
Felansmall wolfCeltic
Fenrismythical monster wolfNorse
Filtiarnlord of wolvesCeltic
Frekimyth name of Odin’s wolfNorse
Fridolfpeaceful wolfOld English
Friduwulfpeaceful wolfOld English
Geirolfwolf spearNorse
Guadalupewolf valleyArabic
Gunnolffighting wolfNorse
Honiahakalittle wolfCheyenne
Hrolleifold wolfNorse
IngolfIng’s wolfNorse
Kiyiyahowling wolfYakima
Kuckunniwilittle wolfCheyenne
Larentiathe shewolf who nursed Remus and RomulusLatin
Leidolfwolf descendantNorse
Louvellittle wolfFrench
Lowelittle wolfFrench
Lowellwolf cub; little wolfOld French
LupercaShewolf who nursed Romulus and RemusLatin
Lyallwolf; surnameOld Norse
Lykaioswolfish, of a wolf; wolf-likeGreek
Macconson of a wolfCeltic
MaheeganwolfNative American
Mgelikamale wolfGeorgian
Mingangrey wolfNative American
MoheganwolfAmerican Indian
Nuntisthe Sun-WolfLatin
Ocumwhowurstyellow wolfCheyenne
Odolfprosperous wolfOld German
Odwolfewealthy wolfEnglish
Okhmhakalittle wolfCheyenne
Phelanlike a wolfIrish
Radolfred wolfEnglish
Raffred wolfEnglish
Ralphwolf counsel; a fearless adviserOld English
Randshield wolfAnglo-Saxon
Randalewolf’s shieldEnglish
Randallshield wolfOld English
Randishield wolf; house wolf; protectorEnglish
Randolpha wolf shieldOld German
RanulfoWolf’s shield; emblem painted on a war shieldTeutonic
Raoulwolf council; red wolfEnglish
Raulwolf counselSpanish
Rendallwolf shieldEnglish
Reulefamous wolfFrench
Rezsofamous wolfTeutonic
Rodolfofamous wolfSpanish
Rolfred wolfTeutonic
Rollinfamous wolfTeutonic
Rollofamous wolfTeutonic
Roukanwolf counselJapanese
Rudifamed wolf abbreviation of RudolphGerman
Rudolphfamous wolfOld German
Ruellefamous wolfFrench
Rulefamous wolfFrench
Sandaliotrue wolfSpanish
Seffa wolfHebrew
Skölla wolf that chased the sunNorse
Talared wolf, stalking wolfSioux
Tatestalking wolfNative American
Tunstallwolf of ThorTeutonic
Ty-OhniwolfNative American
Udolfwolf-wealthOld English
UlfwolfOld German
Ulfwolf-like, courageousSwedish
Ulfredwolf of peaceOld English
Ulgerwolf spearOld English
Ullokwolf sportOld English
Ulmarfamous wolfOld English
Ulmerfame of the wolfNorse
Ulricpower of the wolfEnglish
Ulrichfemale wolfEnglish
Ulrikawolf rulerEnglish
Ulvelaikwolf sportEnglish
Uwaissmall wolfMuslim
VargwolfOld Norse
Weylynthe son of the wolfCeltic
Wolfgangson of the wolf; path of the wolfGerman
Wolframwolf ravenTeutonic
Wolfrikwolf rulerGerman
Woolseyvictorious wolfEnglish
Wulfgarwolf-like spearEnglish
Yowlumnepeople of the wolfYokut


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  1. WolvesRule says:

    I love wolves n also werewolves. They r awesome

  2. Hi Buddy, thank you for the information.. You are one of the people that keeps this world fun and amazing. I love wolves and werewolves too, but for some reason i can’t explain.
    I believe they are among the most powerful, finest intelligent being created by our very handsomely beautiful God.
    Alongside with Us (Mmhmm), Asuras (Indian),
    Dragons/Phoenixes/Qilin[Kirin]/SuanWu (Chinese), Angels (Mmm), Unicorns, Nine tail heavenly fox (of Chinese Origin) and Immortals (Every Mythology). And Makoce are the protectors of new born of all Sentient beings until each of the being become the ultimate form. It then become the best buddies of only one belief. Protector of life.

    My dear Sir/Lady,
    Because of you, I have my thought written out.
    Thank you again

    • Buddy says:

      @BenokanobiSama – That is such a nice compliment, thank you! (And you’re welcome!) I’m really glad you enjoy the site! You mentioned some interesting things in your comment that bear more research and attention – we’ll do what we can to include some of them in some upcoming posts! Thank you again for your kind words! :-)

  3. Hey, thank you I love all of your wolf names, there are a lot and it’s hard to choose, but other than that it’s great! Hope you create more because they’re amazing! I’ll definately come back another day to write a story about wolves because I love to write stories and this website helps me find some pretty advanced wolf names. I’ll share with my friends this amazing website. Thanks, goodbye!

  4. はちょうどあなたが知っているように、このページは私のスマートフォンから面白い少し表示されます。誰が、おそらくそれは本当にちょうど私の携帯電話であることを知っています。ところでグレート記事。その主流メディアが、この時にそれが見えるように変更されたことを非常に興味深い最近あなたが思ういけない

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  6. Alexis cameron says:

    i am in love with every wolf and also wolves themself and i am writing a story about a femal wolf who is very loyal and throughout time she becomes a leader but i couldnt think of a name for the wolf but thanks i found a name that sticks ! thank you!

  7. WischeyLuvWolves says:

    Omg! This website helped so much. I’m writing a book and I couldn’t find any wolf names with meaning.

  8. watchoutfortheredeyes says:

    I love wolf and werewolf because i am one of them.they do exit.
    Omalta parata dragla maltipo hompopo.

  9. Selene Connan says:

    I need really good werewolf first names, do you have any ideas?

  10. wolf dreamer says:

    this was great! i was looking for wold for my book and this helped a lot! appreciate it

  11. Wolflover says:

    I loved the wolf names so much; they were great.
    I love wilf so much, more then anything in the world.

  12. Nobody special says:

    I’m trying to make a manga about a half wolf half boy ans and your list has been a big help with my creative process.
    His name is Chase Wilder. Sorry it wasn’t on your list, but I wanted something more conventional.
    Anyways thanks

  13. Adlet says:

    Need disambiguation between Luperca and Larentia.

  14. Crystal Heart says:

    This helped me find a few names for the Wolf in my story “The Huntsman” and “The Wolf”. Thanks! The Wolf is a pack leader, but he’s pretty evil.

  15. white dogs says:

    My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find
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    Again, awesome weblog!

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