Werewolves are often very solitary creatures. But sometimes they do form packs. Werewolf pack structure is similar to that of the wolf pack.

In the wolf pack, the alpha wolf is considered the most dominant, highest-ranking wolf in the wolf pack. The alpha typically has the most experience in hunting and defending territory – and usually they are the oldest members of the pack. Wolf packs typically follow the decisions of the alpha because of this.

The beta wolf is the number two wolf and would typically take over the alpha wolf’s place if it became necessary. Other members of the pack include young adults, juveniles, pups, etc. who will jockey for their own position in the pack, until eventually you get to the very bottom of the pack where you find the omega wolf.

The omega wolf is the lowest ranking member in the pack, it is typically a wolf that lives on the fringe of the pack, gets bullied by the others, and is the weakest.