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There are a number of wolf quotes that have become well-known proverbs and pieces of advice over the years and in different cultures. This is in part because the wolf is a very distinctive creature that possesses certain strong qualities….and these qualities lend themselves to words of wisdom and quotes. Here are a few…almost all these quotes seem to have some type of truth to them… 😉

1. We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves. -Gerald Hausman

2. He who company with wolves learns to howl. -Spanish Proverb

3. Speak of the wolf and you will see its teeth. -Unknown

4. How lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf. -Unknown

5. Throughout the centuries we have projected on to the wolf the qualities we most despise and fear in ourselves. -Barry Lopez

6. Even a sheep with the skin of a tiger is afraid of the wolf. -Chinese proverb

7. The wolf is always said to be more terrible than he is. -Italian Proverb

8. It must be a hard winter when one wolf devours another. -Danish Proverb

9. A wise wolf hides his fangs. -Welsh Proverb.

10. If you call one wolf, you invite the pack. -Bulgarian Proverb

11. A wolf’s pup will grow into a wolf even though it be raised among men. -Afghan Proverb

12. A wolf will walk a thousand miles to eat people: a dog half way to heaven will still eat dung. -Chinese proverb

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