Wolf Spider

What is very hairy, is brown or grey, has excellent eyesight, chases it’s prey, and is a solitary creature? Oh yeah…and is also about 2 inches long?  A wolf spider.

If you thought land wolves were the only predator wolves out there, think again – there are also wolf spiders! The wolf spider is a type of spider found in a range of habitats including woodlands, shrublands, and forest.  It can also be found commonly in the house around doors, windows, and in house plants.

They are interesting in that they have extremely good eyesight for a spider.  Also, like the wolf, these spiders are adept, skillful hunters that have been known to chase – and pounce on – their prey!  Unlike wolves however, humans do not need to be too terrified of the wolf spider – although they will bite if threatened, their bite is not lethal, but typically just causes a little pain and itching.  At about 2 inches long, their size however is quite terrifying for anyone afraid of spiders!

Interesting fact about the wolf spider: When the wolf spider’s young hatch from their eggs, they jump onto their mother’s back where they ride around until they grown up a little!



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3 Responses

  1. We have wolf spiders in abundance here in the south. You see one up close and you grow to dislike spiders in a hurry.

  2. she wolf says:

    Sometimes, I’m just wondering to myself why I do really like creepy and scary creatures. That sometimes at just one glance I would beginning to like it and sometimes touch it.

  3. stunnamike says:

    I’m an 8-legged freak werewolf wolf spider and hunting is something that is somewhat of my expertise

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