Wolfman Movie Criticism

In response to Werewolf967’s wolfman movie review, I’d like to say he does make some good points, however I think he is being overly harsh on the Wolfman. In fact, my review of wolfman is the exact opposite! I urge you to see it!

I can absolutely see why Werewolf967 is saying not to see the movie. If you look at it as a straight werewolf movie, there are many problems with it – starting with the werewolf itself. But remember, this is a remake! The studio tried to stay with the original Wolfman and although I have never seen the original, I don’t think they strayed too far. In fact, the werewolf looks almost exactly like the original looked. The Wolfman was a classic 1930s monster – the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein – and, well, they stuck with that image in the movie. Doesn’t everyone usually hate it when they take a remake and they redo the whole thing so that it is unrecognizable?

I agree with what Werewolf967 says in that the movie does not accurately portray the werewolf community – but like Werewolf967 himself says – the Wolfman was created a looong looong time ago. They had no intention of representing the werewolf community – they were just trying to remake a movie that already existed! It’s a mistake to go into the movie expecting something original, but if you go into the movie expecting an update to an old classic, well, that’s what you get. And I have to say, the very fact that the werewolf is what the whole movie is about has got to be a good enough reason to see it!

I do agree with Werewolf967 though that I’d like to see Hollywood come out with something completely original that represents werewolves. They did it with vampires! I think they can do it with werewolves too.

My final thoughts: before you decide whether or not you are going to go see this movie, read both of our reviews…and decide for yourself if you’re going in it to see a remake of a classic (then you’re following my thoughts and you should probably see it!) or are you going into it hoping to see a new exciting version of werewolves (then you’re looking from Werewolf967’s perspective and you might not want to see it…)



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20 Responses

  1. I still don’t recommend seeing this movie… sorry.

  2. Daminen says:

    in my opinion, the remake of the Wolf Man, though as werewolf967 said Hollywood’s Werewolf did not stop from tearing up the screen, which i thought was COMPLETLY AWESOME but the interpertation of what the werewolf looked like was…….. misleading

  3. Yes, it was misleading, I guess we did kind of expect that tho… it just seems every werewolf movie is the same 🙁

  4. I very much enjoyed the film and my review (which I linked) is positive with a few reservations.

  5. Värlôc says:

    Don’t ruin it!! My gramma saw it and said it was nasty….

  6. DaRk says:

    Sounds like another movie with the hollywood version of a “werewolf”

  7. It was pretty gruesome, i was really surprised… its not even scary tho!

  8. DaRk says:

    Still, it seems good, but it’s just.. A wrong way to make “werewolves” look.

  9. Suki Foxx says:

    wow its seams like its been forever scence i sayd something on here

  10. Hey Suki, glad you dropped back by!

  11. ireallyluvwerewolves says:


  12. hey! see the wolfman yet?

  13. kareathon says:

    i wanna see it, sucks i can’t get a night off work to see it

  14. Aconissa says:

    Look, the 2010 Wolfman is my FAVOURITE movie, so dont judge before you see it! Its a great movie!

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