Wolves Causing Problems in Washington, lawmakers want to relocate packs

There is an argument in Washington state between rural and urban residents – where should wolf packs be? The ranchers in the northeastern portion of the state want to move them to parts of the state that advocate for the wolves – their reasoning? If the western part of the state loves the wolves so much, they should try living with them!

The debate has come to a head because of efforts that are being made in the state to restore the wolf population. Ranchers are fed up with the wolves, claiming that these predators kill their livestock and hurt their livelihood. They don’t want the wolves in their areas. The more populous western portion of the state however is pushing for the return of the wolf and refusing to give much credence to the concerns of the ranchers. Ranchers have pointed out that ironically, the portion of the state that is promoting the return of the wolf has very few wolves living there….they claim that this part of the state therefore has no ideas about the reality and dangers that wolves pose.

Some ranchers are promoting a seemingly simple solution to end the debate – if the more populous western portion of Washington wants the wolves so much, well…they’ll just relocate them there! Problem solved all around! A bill to this effect has been proposed by lawmakers with estimates that the relocation cost for the wolves would cost somewhere around $1 million.

Until a decision is made, the debate rages on in Washington, with wolves caught in the middle.



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