Worgen is a race of “feral wolf-beasts” which make their debut on the  newest update to the World of WarCraft: Cataclysm game, which is currently on a pre-order. The race of the Worgen, for the Alliance, are a new addition of what many call on to be the werewolves of the game, although they are not directly called werewolves.


“The worgen’s first verified appearance in the Eastern Kingdoms has been traced back to the Third War, when the archmage Arugal utilized the wolf-beasts as a weapon against the Scourge. Arugal’s weapons soon turned against him, however, as the curse of the worgen rapidly spread among the human population, transforming ordinary men and women into ravenous, feral creatures.”…”Many believe that a treatment for the worgen curse may exist, although others have nearly given up, fearful that if the barricades should fall, their humanity will be lost forever.” (Excerpt ref: World of Warcraft official site)

The Worgen

Currently the World of Warcraft game refers to the Worgen as being cursed from an unknown source and spreading the “pandemic” among many of it’s population. But the origins and the cure for the new race are currently unknown.



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10 Responses

  1. pklett92 says:

    im making one as soon as i get the expansion…lvl 80 death knight “Mullin” fully geared…worth approximately 350 dollars right now, but may increase with the new expansion.

  2. Dream Catcher says:

    i THINK i LOST my TRAIL… haha

  3. darkey says:

    hello…. i want a worgen costume

  4. Jess says:

    Where did you get that last image?

  5. ILiekPizza says:

    You cannot cure awesomness.

  6. werewolfpack590 says:

    Heehee joining world of warcraft now heehee

  7. ArgharnaWelyn says:

    that would be an awesome thing to turn into

  8. Gabriel says:

    @ArgharnaWelyn: You seem to think in stereotypes. “It” is not a curse, and is not transferred through bites (since it is not a disease either). Now you seem like someone who can listen, or at least unlike others, hold a conversation. So please if you have questions or ideas share them in the chat, not on 20 different pages.

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