Yorkshire Terrier – or Werewolf? 3rd Favorite Dog!

No no no, it’s not the werewolf!!! It’s the Yorkshire Terrier that’s America’s 3rd favorite dog, according to the AKC. For a list of all 10 of America’s Favorite Dog Breeds in 2006 click here. For those not in the know, the Yorkshire Terrier
is a toy dog that has long hair (that’s going to require some grooming). This is the kind of dog that you see women dress up in outfits or put bows in their bangs to hold the hair from their eyes. A true Yorkshire Terrier will have a blue and tan coat, and will act very self-important. They weigh 7 pounds or less…and be warned if you are going puppy shopping…they are incredibly cute as puppies, and you might find it impossible to resist taking one home…especially when you find out they are especially good at apartment life! You’ll often hear the breed refered to as the Yorkie. Yorkies are courageous, confident and intelligent, and are great at agility and obedience training. Within the breed you can find the “Teacup Yorkshire Terrier” which is just what it sounds like – a very very small Yorkie. The picture link will take you to the Yorkshire Terrier AKC website for more information on the breed.



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