believe in werewolves?

I see comments every now and then on this blog from people who say they do not believe in werewolves and that werewolves do not exist. To those of you who do not believe in werewolves, I encourage you to keep an open mind. And in that, I’d like to point out two things – 1.) many incredible stories passed down through generations are in fact based on truth. Take for example, the Giant Squid. Even though there were myths and legends built around this creature for centuries (for example the legendary sea-monster the Kraken) there was no real proof, so noone thought creatures of this size and magnitude could exist. Evidence now proves however that the giant squid – a creature that can grow up to 66 feet long – are real.

The second thing I want to point out is that 2.) we are still in an age where we are discovering things that were previously thought not to be possible, where things are still being discovered that most people do not believe in. Take for example this article from scientific american basically saying that parallel universes do in fact exist. Is this a common belief? No. But respected scientists are saying true.

So if you are one of the ones who immediately says werewolves don’t exist, just think about these points. And, remember, werewolves are not something that were invented recently by movies – they are a creature that have been referenced since 1000 AD.



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  1. lonewolf123 says:

    In Summer, its the Sahara Desert, and in Winter, its Colorado.

  2. This is a bit far fetch, but people who say they are werewolves are more than likely lying. I am in a pack, but we don’t change by the full moon. We have to M-shift seeing our wolf in our mental stage, but you have to visualize your wolf. What it looks like, how it walks, and at first you’ll have to focus on one part of the body. Like for instance a tooth memorize every inch, and eventually it will become physical. Then you have
    P-shifting which when you visualize your wolf long enough it will take physical form. I have not been able to, but I have got pretty close. One of my pack members was able to shift and took him 3 months to do, so.

  3. Sigurd says:

    I only dont believe because I dont like the thought of werewolves/vamps existing. I fear I will have no liffe because of my fear. I fear not being able to open my window in a hot night, out of fear there is gonna come a vamp inside, wanting to suck my blood. I fear becoming a vampire after that, a parasite! In other words, I fear my own fear. Can anyone help me doing something about it?

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