believe in werewolves?

I see comments every now and then on this blog from people who say they do not believe in werewolves and that werewolves do not exist. To those of you who do not believe in werewolves, I encourage you to keep an open mind. And in that, I’d like to point out two things – 1.) many incredible stories passed down through generations are in fact based on truth. Take for example, the Giant Squid. Even though there were myths and legends built around this creature for centuries (for example the legendary sea-monster the Kraken) there was no real proof, so noone thought creatures of this size and magnitude could exist. Evidence now proves however that the giant squid – a creature that can grow up to 66 feet long – are real.

The second thing I want to point out is that 2.) we are still in an age where we are discovering things that were previously thought not to be possible, where things are still being discovered that most people do not believe in. Take for example this article from scientific american basically saying that parallel universes do in fact exist. Is this a common belief? No. But respected scientists are saying true.

So if you are one of the ones who immediately says werewolves don’t exist, just think about these points. And, remember, werewolves are not something that were invented recently by movies – they are a creature that have been referenced since 1000 AD.



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53 Responses

  1. Daci says:

    oh believe me… we exist… we are not what homo sapiens think we are though… Homo lupus are not ugly creatures, we are big wolves, we do not randomly attack humans, to attack a werewolf has to feel

    A. threatened
    B. starving (many werewolves- like me, abhor to eating human meat)
    C. crazy(yes there are crazy werewolves they are the equivalent to people that run around shooting up a mall or a school)

    we can not give our gift (or curse depending on how you look at it) away, vampires can, energy vampires are nasty beware of those, our development comes slowly, not all at once, I am soon to reach my full development, at 16- I will have changed by 18… I hope, I wanna run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. llyon says:

    if you belive in gravity then you can belive in us we are real just like if you threw yourself at the ground and it hurts.

  3. hey Daci, lol, that,s funny also watch out for emotional vampire.

  4. Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    hmmm.. we exist… duh..

  5. Arisu says:

    oh we exist.I havent lernt to shift yet but I act alot like a wolf…


  7. me says:

    loL! its obviously true that werewolves exist! duh! why would humans make werewolf movies in the first place and why so many focused on them? where do you think they get their ideas from? eh?

  8. IblisWolf says:

    This is an odd thing to ask about, yes we are very real!

  9. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    hi all, whats up?

    duh, werewolves are real.

    why would you be here if you didn’t
    belive that fact?


  10. Kilroy says:


  11. Lunar says:

    It’s a shame people tend to be so closed minded. Just because scientists have not discovered it and studied it doesn’t mean something can not exist.

  12. Lunos says:

    Oh we are real alright.WE just don’t want humans to know truth (althou with all does comments above me our secret is out).

  13. Shadow Howler says:

    I like steak!

  14. Greyr says:

    lol… this is gettin fun XD

  15. spiked wolf says:

    any here

    WE ARE REAL!!!!

    oh and im sure ppl whould be just fine if scientist stop working on chemicals and nonsense (no offence) and work on the real problems like stoping crazy ppl from tryin to kill us.+


  16. spikedwolf says:

    oh and i like steak too

  17. Name says:

    I believe in them but all these people saying yes we are real, i wanna tell you to shut up until you show me that you can transform into a werewolf

  18. lee ann says:

    they don’t know your email bud…

  19. JT says:

    name do really expect to get a reply the reason werewolves don’t show themselves is because the general population would break into hysterics if they knew the truth i’m not even one but i understand their reasoning

  20. ive always been deeply interested in werewolves as long as i can rememebr since childghood..i dont know why … but im facinated by lycans much like the movie underwolrd…. honestly it would be facinating to be a lycan …being human is just too boaring these days …anyway those are my thoughts …i beleive in werewolves/ Lycans ///always have always will

  1. January 20, 2010

    […] eyewitness reports alone may very well prove that the kraken is in fact a real creature that sailors have seen in the sea.  This is a belief that many believe […]

  2. December 5, 2010

    […] So to those who ridicule the belief in werewolves, do you also ridicule these many religions that have centered their whole belief system around half animal / half human gods?   I hope not.  Millions upon millions of people have held these beliefs going back as far as humans have been around.  And the fact is, it is newer to believe in nothing, than to believe in something.  So those of you who believe in nothing are the minority.  And I encourage you to keep an open mind as you are here, and consider the millions of people before you throughout the world and history that have found some reason to believe in half human / half animals. […]

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