You Hate Werewolves

Werewolf 967,

As far as werewolves meditating I completely agree with you, you cannot transform by meditating.

But I have a problem with something else you said. If you think that werewolves are monsters and werewolves are EVIL and pawns of the DEVIL (which you have stated in numerous posts), then how can it be that you LOVE WEREWOLVES?? answer that question. are you telling me that you LOVE EVIL??? That makes no sense since you went on and on about what soulless killers they are. I have to agree with some of the commenters that you actually hate werewolves. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t think that they are evil.

How can you love evil werewolf967?
(I on the other hand don’t think that werewolves are evil, and I actually truly DO love werewolves.



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50 Responses

  1. pulse says:

    is anyone on?

  2. pulse says:

    well dang that sucks

  3. REBEL Wolf says:

    wolffy, now we know that you are the evil. vampires are not evil. and they are not ugly. my gf is beutiful and yes she is a vamp. neko’s arn’t that evil either. some werewolves are in fact evil. some nekos are evil. some vamps are evil. but that doesnt meant they all are. and for a 14 year old you sure have no idea what you are talking about. heck we all know there are different kinds of weres. hint: if you dont know what a neko is neko = cat.

  4. REBEL Wolf says:

    and no my gf isn’t like the dating kind. i mean my girl friend as in shes a girl and shes a friend.

  5. REBEL Wolf says:

    NE1 on??

  6. Zakiya says:

    im kinda late

  7. Shadowmoon says:

    I AM FURIOUS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A WEREWOLF AND PEOPLE SAY WE ARE ALL EVIL!!!! THEY ARE WRONG! I am not evil, mostly, and just because we have different nature doesn’t make us bad. FOR GOSH SAKES! YOU HUMANS SLAUGHTER COWS AND HORSES AND PIGS AND TURKEYS AND CHICKEN AND HUMANS CAME UP WITH EVIL MONEY!!! Who is really at fault here??!!

  8. Julie says:

    Hey i am human i love werewolves they arent all bad some are different hen others but it makes you unigue liek everyone else….to be honest i wish i was a werewolf….. to help others and to help werewolves i dont know much about you but i would love to learn please teach me 🙂

  9. Shadow says:

    He has a point how can you love something that you claim to be a mindless, cursed,devilish beast. you are human right? im guessing you are. humans are the true mindless,cursed,devilish beast.

  10. applebottom says:

    ooooh wow can not believe you said that shadow, i’m human and i have a wolf friend, when i first looked at this site i was like yeah whatever, but then i looked up storys about the bray road beast and all of thoses sightings that happen in different parts of the world, i saw this thing on youtube about a guy beening possessed by a wolf, n u know i was like i need to be open minded n now i’am dont be so mean there are some humans that are not like that ok.:)

  11. Alice says:

    So many new comers to the blog I see well my my my all the originals might just have to come back with all these new comers.

  12. pklett92 says:

    original here -raises hand- well I came here before idk about original, but I love this place XD.

  13. Pitboss says:

    Hi, im Pitboss. Im a weredog and Im new so I thought’d Id post soemthin

  14. Alice says:

    lol I like to believe I am one of the originals but still we need to educate these people on whats real and whats not.

  15. lee ann says:

    ya alice ur an original :p 2years +

  16. Alice says:

    YAY lol ur an original too i guess WOOHOO

  17. Alice says:

    what happened here?

  18. @Mar: yea well it’s 2013 I am not dead and nor are any humans. 2013 NO APOCALYPSE YET!! The Mayan calendar was wrong it stops because the Mayans were conquered by the conquistadors before they could finish it.

  19. Rosslynn says:

    Werewolves are not evil and how I know is because I am a werewolf part vampire and I never hurt anybody so do not say we are evil.

  20. Chiel Molenaar says:

    Dear rebel wolf I was born a lycan and we arren’t evil some of us just cant controll themselves
    Greatings Wulfgar

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