Zombie Dance Moves

1. Doin The Zombie – this song from Chubby Checker from the late 1990s tells about how to do a dance called “The Zombie“. The lyrics say that the song is not tricky and the moves are simple – made for people that like to “party all night and get freaky”.  Here are the steps and moves to “do the zombie” as spelled out in the song, it includes the following directions:

You got to shake your head, put your hands up high
Wiggle your fingers like a bird trying to fly

The song also continues with the dance instructions, and says:

The zombie dance is not difficult to do
so here’s chub checkers to tell you what to do
You got to kick off your shoes
get your body loose
moving in a strange and freaky way
you got to look like a ghoul
stayin real cool
dancing till the break of day

Finally, the song tells you not to forget to “jump to the rhythm” during the refrain.  Ah-uh doing the zombie!

#2. The Voodoo Walk – This is a song from Sonny Richards from 1962. It talks about someone turning into a creature that sounds like a zombie.  It tells you how to do a dance of the same name. Here are the dance moves to get the walk right:

Do a little walk, give a funny quiver
Walk on back and give a little shiver
Fly back in, then begin to stalk
Just like the shadow that’s the voodoo walk
All the ghouls do it, it will go through your head
Do the voodoo walk, the dance of the dead

#3 The Zombie Walk – This song talks about how to do a “brand new dance called the zombie walk”. The lyrics are specific on how to do the move:

First you bend your knees, left and right, sit up too
On your toes left heel out, right heel too
Now you go up twice, move turn and then step back
Then you do the grr(?) you’re on the right track

#4. Thriller – This is a classic from Michael Jackson. The song itself does not tell you how to do the dance, but the zombie / werewolf moves Michael Jackson does are unforgettable and have been danced by people in every country.

#5. The Monster Mash – This dance is supposed to encompass all “monsters” but is easily reminiscent of a zombie. For anyone familiar with the “mashed potato” it is very similar to that dance – basically the feet are faced inward then rotated outward lifting your foot after every few rotations, the difference between the monster mash and the mashed potato is that you also use your arms in the monster mash, raising them in front of you like a monster!



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