Zombie Movies in 2012

I have to admit it, I have a weakness for zombie movies!! And there are plenty of them coming in 2012! I already talked about the vampires and werewolves, so here’s a look at what’s in store this year in zombieland!
zombie movies 2012
1. World War Z – Brad Pitt is in a zombie movie!! Based on the novel were there’s a zombie war!

2. Warm Bodies – Based on the book by Isaac Marion about a zombie that is involved with a victim’s girlfriend, Warm Bodies is rumored to have John Malkovich in its cast!

3. A Little Bit Zombie – An HR manager tries to control his need for BRAAIINNSS!!!

4. Resident Evil Retribution – Resident Evil is back! Milla Jovovich stars as Alice in her battle against the Umbrella Corporation and zombies!

5. Deadlands 3: Thew New World – Schedules for release sometime in 2012, this zombie movie is about 3 groups of people surviving in a new world that is filled with zombies!

6. Zon 261 – A swedish zombie movie about a town in Sweden after a zombie attack.



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  1. sara says:

    You missed the UK feature film ‘The Zombie King’ starring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History x) and Corey Feldman (The Goonies, The Lost Boys)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2091455/

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