Would a zombie attack a werewolf? I think there is the strong possibility that they would not attack the werewolf, even if the werewolf was in human form…and they would definitely not attack the werewolf if he was in werewolf form. In other words, a zombie vs werewolf scenario would never happen.

As I’ve mentioned before, zombies are not sentient, thinking creatures. They would not differentiate between a human and a werewolf in a logical, cognitive way. They rely alot upon scents and their sense of smell. Zombies go after the scent of humans, and nothing else….they love human flesh, and find it by the scent. For example, they are not known to attack animals – cats, dogs, wolves – almost all animals seem relatively safe during a zombie attack. While a werewolf is not an animal, they do have a different scent from that of a human, that is slightly more animal-like….therefore if a zombie were seeking out that human scent they would pass right over the werewolf. This would be especially true while the werewolf was in werewolf form.

Vampires vs. Zombies?

I would like to point out that one of our readers pointed out that there are some legends talking of zombies that are more organized and intelligent than the stereotypical mindless zombie. Perhaps these types of zombies could be capable of attacking exactly who they wanted and not just humans. Perhaps there are some types of zombies that are stronger and smarter than I am giving them credit for.

While I do find it extremely unlikely that a zombie would ever attack a werewolf – even if they did know a werewolf was part human – if there was a zombie vs werewolf battle – who would win? I think it would be a very close call. Most creatures when confronted with a werewolf – if they did attempt some type of attack (unlikely but possible) would know when they had been defeated and withdraw. But in a zombie vs werewolf attack, a zombie does not have much to lose – they are already dead and decaying – so why would they stop the attack?  If we imagine that it is one of the more intelligent varieties of zombies that is doing the attacking, this is probably exactly what they are thinking.  The mindless variety of zombie on the other hand would not have the intelligence to stop the attack even if all their limbs were torn from their body. They would just keep going for the werewolf attempting to bite him.

I do think, in a zombie vs werewolf attack though, the werewolf would ultimately be the victor in any possible scenario – because, even if the zombie somehow (very unlikely but somehow) managed to bite the werewolf, the bite of the zombie would not turn the werewolf into a zombie in the way it would turn a human into a zombie.  In other words, a werewolf is immune to zombie bites because they are not completely human.