Beware zombies do not need food to survive

What would happen if a zombie did not get humans to eat – would it die? Zombies  are already did aren’t they?? If they are already dead, how could lack of food make them more dead? Not possible – there is no degree of deadness – you’re either dead or not dead. And zombies are dead. So, this must mean that zombies do not need food to survive!

zombie brainsSo if zombies don’t need food to survive, that means they don’t need to eat / consume human flesh or brains to survive. This would mean that barring the decomposition of their bodies, they could technically “live” forever….it’s just their decomposing bodies that will ultimately do them in and lead to their demise.  So if zombies have the power to live forever without food – why do they insist on “terrorizing” and “chasing” humans and other animals?

Why do zombies eat humans?

  1. The first choice is that since zombies don’t eat humans to survive, maybe they are just doing it just for fun! While this is certainly a possibility, it doesn’t seem very likely.  Few zombies can think clearly enough to have a concept of “fun”.
  2. Perhaps they chase humans out of a craving?  This is certainly possible.  Much the same way you might crave hamburgers – you don’t need them to survive, but you might crave them enough to ruin a diet and eat one.
  3. More than likely the need for zombies to eat humans is just instinct.  Much the same way a cat instinctively chases something that movies – be it a real mouse or a mechanical mouse – a zombie may just have that instinct to chase and eat humans built into its makeup.


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