10 funny gifts to give a vampire

funny vampire giftsIf you know a vampire, and think that they have a sense of humor, then this is the perfect Christmas (or Birthday!) list for you! These gifts are funny/gag gifts – be sure your vampire friend has a sense of humor before you give them to him/her….you don’t want a vampire mad at you! Even if you are a werewolf and know you can easily defeat a vampire, that would just be an unnecessary Christmas complication. 🙂

1. A Mirror
Traditionally in folklore, vampires cannot see their reflection in a mirror. Giving a vampire a mirror salutes this odd legend.

2. Fake Human Teeth
Humans are always buying fake vampire teeth, so how about you get your vampire friend fake human teeth!

3. Foundation & Blush
Most vampires are very pale – get them some makeup to help them get more of a human-colored glow!

4. Sunscreen
Vampires are sensitive to the sun, so get them a high numbered spf sunscreen (something like spf 75!!)

5. Werewolf movies
Werewolves are the traditional mythological nemesis of the vampire. Give a few werewolf movies so they know exactly why they don’t want to tangle with a werewolf! 😉

6. the novel Dracula
Aaahhh… yes… the most famous of all vampires! A lesson in history! 🙂

7. Fake Fruit
Vampires traditionally do not eat much – if any – human food, so why not give a food gift that will always look fresh and makes them look more human?

8. a Gift-Boxed Steak
This is a play on the word “stake” – you know, the traditional tool that’s used to destroy vampires? 😀

9. Hand Warmers / an Electric Blanket
Vampires are known for being cold-blooded, so give a gift that will help them feel more human!

10. A Bat Box
A bat box is similar to a birdhouse, except it is for bats! It’s a little house/box that you put in trees, walls, or houses and is a comfy place a bat will come to roost in. Vampires have long been associated with bats, making this the perfect unique gift that gives a nod to your friend’s vampire side!! 🙂



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