10 tongue twisters with werewolves and vampires!

A tongue twister is a sentence or phrase that is hard to say correctly – and in particular, even harder to say quickly and correctly! Below are 10 werewolf and vampire themed tongue twisters. Say them slowly, then try saying them as fast as you can!  Do they twist your tongue up? 😉

1.  What would we wear were we werewolves?

2.  If werewolves were wolves were wolves werewolves?

3.  Werewolves watch witches watching werewolves watching witches.

4.  Wild witches wearily kept watch in the wind over the werewolf’s lair.

5.  Which witch wants wild wolves when witches wish wolves weren’t wild?

6.  How many moons could a moon moon if a moon could moon moons?

werewolf vampire tongue twisters for halloween7.  Dracula digs dreary dark dungeons.

8. Vernon vampire visits various vampires virtuously.

9.  Voracious venomous vampires don’t bite very hard.

10.  Which werewolves wish to wash Irish wristwatches?

Bonus tongue twister:
This one is not werewolf or vampire related, but supposedly the below phrase is believed to be the most difficult tongue twister ever conceived in the English language. Can you say it fast? (or even slowly?)

*11. The seething sea ceaseth and thus the seething sea sufficeth us.



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