10 Funny Vampire Jokes guaranteed to make you laugh or at least smile!

funny vampire jokesGo ahead and laugh at these jokes, but remember, if you come across a real vampire, you might want to keep the smiles and laughs to yourself! 😉

Q: Why did the vampire get fired from the blood bank?
A: He was drinking on the job!

Q: Why wouldn’t the vampire eat his soup?
A: It clotted.

Q: What does a vampire fear most?
A: Tooth decay!

Q: What do vampires have at eleven o’clock every day?
A: A coffin break!

Q: Why did the vampire give his girlfriend a blood test?
A: To see if she was his type!

Q: What is the first thing that vampires learn at school?
A: The Alpha-Bat!

Q: What is a vampire’s favorite soup?
A: Scream of mushroom!

Q: Why don’t vampires like mosquitoes?
A: They hate the competition!

Q: Why was the young vampire a failure?
A: Because he fainted at the sight of blood.

Q: What happened to the two mad vampires?
A: They both went a little batty.

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