14 Awesome Werewolf Costume Pictures for Adults this Halloween!

Having a difficult time figuring out how to put together your werewolf costume? Check out these pictures from people who have put together their own werewolf costumes! There’s everything from the traditional Teen Wolf costume to a Werewolf Ghostbuster costume! A werewolf can be any type of person, so don’t feel like you have to do the traditional plaid shirt costume! Get some ideas from others and let these pics inspire you in your own halloween costume!

1. Werewolf transformation in process costume:
Werewolf Muzzle Erruption

2. Teen Wolf Costume
Teen Wolf

3. The Werewolf Ghostbuster!!
Why not combine two great things? Werewolves and ghostbusters!!
I would totally play this game

4. Little Red Werewolf Hood!
What if Little Red Riding Hood got turned into the werewolf instead of eaten?
Magic Red

5. Too Cool Werewolf Biker Dude
Muchos Besos !

6.Werewolf Girl

7. Partially transformed werewolf
Trailer Trash Werewolf

8. Werewolf fully transformed!
Go alone…
OMG Werewolf!
Or go in a pack…
The Werewolves Cometh

9. Evil Werewolf
Werewolves of Atlanta

10. Hipster werewolf
Werewolf Snarl 2012

11. Zombie Werewolf

12. Wolfman

13. Werewolf Cub
Halloween Fun

14. Werewolf Maidens
HKDL Oct 2012 - Clash of Evil on Main Street USA

Don’t have time to make a full-fledged costume? Sometimes it’s all just about energy, attitude, and poses! If you have some fangs, you can make it work…check out this werewolf!



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