2 free online werewolf games, plus Bumper Ball for all!

Do you want to play free online Java Werewolf games? Take some time to play a game! The first two are werewolf games and the third game is a game called Bumper Ball that everybody can play!

There are literally thousands and thousands of games you can play on the internet for free, the trouble is sifting and sorting through the piles of games in search for the ones you want!
Which free online games was I looking for? Obviously for werewolf and/or wolf related games that were fun enough to spend some spare time playing.

#1 The first game I found is a little bloody but I think it’s because the blood is the only real color in the game! I have to say it was kind of hard… for me anyway!
This is what you do; you run go through levels tackling werewolves and destroying them with your fists so that you can get past them. However, if they see you first they shoot at you! You have to tackle each one before you are spotted by them. I admit I was terrible at this game and did not get very far, but I did enjoy it… check it out here—> Vox Populi (a werewolf thriller) -free online java werewolf game

#2 The second game seems to be a sort of take on the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. This is what you do; At the beginning of the game you pick up the wolf with a hand, toss him high into the air… then hit him with a bat! When the wolf goes flying into the air it is you job to use his jet pack on his back to gather the tokens that give you more rocket power and life! This game was not easy either, I spent more of my time swimming in the lake then actually flying through the air! check it out here—> WolfN’Swine – free werewolf game to play

#3 The third game is not just for werewolf fans, this game is for everybody! I stumbled across this game while in search of the werewolf games, it is an awesome take on the game of hockey and bumper cars. What you do is simple; Up to two players can play this game, each player drives a bumper car while a ball is set into play. The object is to obviously score against your opponent and win the game! The handling and the controls of the game make it a little difficult and challenging. Forward motion you can obviously go a lot faster, but if you throw that bumper car into reverse you wont get that far! Check it out here —-> Bumper Ball

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  1. WaterfallWolf says:

    Good games very addicting.

  2. sirax says:

    werewolves awsome yea boy!

  3. norma says:

    i think vampires r better

  4. wolfie says:

    that movie was right! no offense 2 the peeps who like vampes but… vampires suck!!!!!!!!!! still… no offense

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