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Werewolf perception of the world 174

Werewolf perception of the world

The perception of the world for a werewolf is different than for that of a human. Once the werewolf is able to deal with everything involved in first transformations, then they must deal with their new enhanced senses. They must also deal...

Hallucinations during transformation 11

Hallucinations during transformation

Werewolf 967 makes a good point about werewolf hallucinations and transformations. The transformation sequence can be painful at first, and the mind reacts by trying to protect itself with hallucinations (a hallucination of course is the perception of something – be it...

werewolves hallucinate 107

werewolves hallucinate

First transformations are always the hardest. Let me elaborate on what happens if you can achieve a partial metamorphosis, and proceed to one of the stages of –metamorphosis. First, I trust in two types of transformations, and put them into two categories:...

First Transformations 480

First Transformations

Much to the confusion of humans, werewolves do not necessarily always know that they are werewolves. This is especially and specifically true for newer werewolves. Newer werewolves who are transforming for the first time may only have a partial transformation, and may...

werewolf curiosity 4

werewolf curiosity

To werewolves this world seems so different, but at the same time it seems to be the same old world, it’s not. Some that lose hope or curiosity of the world turn to the werewolf to revive the pleasures in life we...

Fringe Transformation 2

Fringe Transformation

Tonight the show Fringe was about a couple of people that were infected by a virus that caused them to transform….the monster that they transformed into didn’t look like a werewolf, but the idea seems very similar.

werewolf vampire 24

werewolf vampire

Can werewolves become vampires? Some legends say yes. In Eastern Europe there is a strong link between vampires and werewolves. There it is believed that werewolves do not die after they are killed. Legends say that after a werewolf is killed, it...